Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Fabric and a Delivery

So do you all remember my dining room?  The walls are a cool icy blue called antique silver and my picture, curtains and lampshades are all black and white.  So overall the room was pretty neutral.

I must not have gotten a picture of the black and white chandelier picture on the wall but you can imagine ;)
Anywho, I decided this year that I wanted to add more color in the dining room for the spring and summer so I bought this new picture from Hobby Lobby for the wall in the dining room.

I loved the art and I loved the $35.00 price tag!!  #winning  So I scooped it up.

I felt like the light blue fabric I had recovered the dining room chairs with several years ago needed a little refresh for the spring and summer too......then I found THIS!!  This is part of Kelly Ripa's fabric line at Joann Fabric and I had been eyeing it up online for quite sometime.  I popped in there one day and I was sold.  Annnddddd I couldn't beat the price!!

You can see the current fabric in this picture above.  The nice thing about the different fabrics is that I can take the bright summery fabric off when winter rolls back around and go back to my neutrals for Christmas time :-)

I'll show you the chairs once I get a spare moment to get them done!

Now for my delivery.....I have a little surprise being delivered tomorrow from.......

OMG it is going to be like Christmas Day tomorrow.  It will probably be the longest work day in the history of ever.  Can't wait to show you!!!!