Thursday, August 22, 2013

Yeah, yeah, yeah!

So I know I've not updated ya'll in TWO WEEKS!!  You wanna know why?  Cuz we've been building a mother effing house!  Ok, so not every night but whew have we been busy.  Oh and it is also possible that I was on vacation for a week.   

So I pinky promise I will provide ya'll with a full update tonight and get ya up to speed.  Let me tell ya, we've gotten a sh*t ton done.  For the record I've looked like this every weekend for the last 2 months.  Ryan and I get awfully excited when we actually get a break and get dressed up to hit the town.  I am awfully tired of work boots and my shorts and/or skirts.  Oh well, That just means we're working hard :-)

Thursday, August 8, 2013

We have a front door!

Yep yep we officially have a front door.  Now, I am not sure if it is going to remain the color it is currently.  I won't decide until we get the siding and stone put up.  However if I do decide to paint the door, it is going to be white!

View from the front road now that all windows and the front door is in.

Front door from the inside.

Some crazy people that decided to photo bomb me.

Up close and personal view.

Things got really busy yesterday!  All of our siding showed up, our plumber-extraordinaire (does he get paid to do THAT?) delivered all the pipe, the 2 tubs for the kids bathroom and the powder room, and the guys came back to get the garage floor prepped for concrete.  Yiiipppeeeeee!!!!

I didn't mention this last week but we decided to go with a different exterior stone. Apparently the stuff we picked was a total pain in the a$$ to install and would take an eternity x 2.  Soooooo I found this stone I liked and Dan from Monroe Aluminum found it literally in less than a day and dropped the sample at our house.  Let me just tell you that that place ROCKS!!!!  Hopefully the sample really looks like what I want and we'll be back in business!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Photo dump!

I don't really have a whole lotta creative juices flowing (or time for that matter) so you are going to get a photo dump of my most recent pictures.
I will update you with some details tonight in case you care.....

Full back view

Another back view.  Do you notice the soffit and fascia that Ryan got done??

Awwww the patio....if we could just get some concrete we'd be all set!

Our sliding door.....yiiipppeeee!!

Front view.  Do you notice that we have shingles???

Dining room windows.  That little roof over the window will be black metal.

Inside view of the great room.

Dining room.

The sun room.

Breakfast nook and part of the sunroom.  Annddd my favorite patio door again!

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Roofs, shingles (not of the chickenpox strain), and stairs OH MY!!

Wow so much for brevity in my titles!  Go ahead and take a break in case you need one after reading that reallllllyyyyyy lonnnnnggggg introduction.

Ok you back?  Here we go.......

The roof is now completely sheeted!!

See the little bundles of shingles up there!  Eff off mother nature!!

A little Estate Gray to match the barn

Soon to be stairs heading up to the bonus room

Anndddd the side view so you get a better idea

If you peek way up there that will be the "future" bonus room (after the kids get jobs)

There ya have it my friends.  We are making huge progress???  Billy said they would be finished on all they could do tomorrow and will just wait for the roofers to get finished and they will be back to put in the doors and windows!!  Yiiippppeeee, holy crap we are getting close to having a home :-)

And Now Deep Thoughts....

By Jack Handey Ryan LaRocca.  Ryan gave me a call late last night from work and this is a little snippet from the start of our conversation.

Ryan:  Hey babe, is it raining at home??

Me:  Uhmmmm yep!!

Ryan:  Oh good, mother nature wanted to kick us in the balls one last time before we get the roof on.

Me:  I guess so.....