Monday, May 11, 2015

Camo Cupcakes: The Result

We made it through another fabulous weekend and I can't wait to share some pictures.  I was clearly nervous about my cupcake idea but I was happy with the finished product.  Sooooo, get ready for picture overload.  #sorrynotsorry

Here are the cake mixes.  One chocolate and one yellow.  Then you take 1/3 of each of the mixes and pour them into their own bowl and mix.

Then you add in some green food coloring and presto magic-o you have a cake mix that looks like pea soup.  Uhhhmmmm kinda gross I know.  Believe me it did NOT taste like pea soup ;)

Then you drop one spoonful of each into the cupcake papers and bake away!  Oh and then you have a sip of your cocktail in the background ;)
Here they are fresh out of the oven!  Sooooooooo good!
Here they are on my Pampered Chef cooling rack that I abso-freaking-lutely love!!

Now I really wanted darker camo green for the frosting but that would have required me running out to get some more food coloring and quite frankly I decided to be happy with what I had.

Annnndddddd here is the finished product out in the garage for all those boys once they got done shooting their eyes out with airsoft guns :-)

They were quick and easy....just the way I like it. 

Friday, May 8, 2015

I see a Pinterest fail on the horizon!!

Tomorrow is my son's 12th birthday!  Wow, 12, where does the time go?  So in my usual (set my self up for failure) fashion I took to the interwebs to find an idea for camo cupcakes.  Yeah pffhhhh they look easy enough.  However as I'm sitting here this morning I'm starting to sweat a little bit.  The pressure is building up.  I mean, come on, I took the day off to make this happen. 

Come back later and I'll share the outcome!  Fingers crossed that I don't end up on one of those Pinterest fail websites.  However I'm not holding out hope :P

Anybody ever make camo cupcakes???  Please share your recipe if so.....

Friday, May 1, 2015

DIY: Instant Hat Rack

Do any of you have husbands who have piles of hats?  Yep, so do I!  My hubby has more hats than any one person should have and he loves them.  They can't be crushed and must be stacked perfectly.  I often find hats on the counter, hats in the closet, you name it!  I wanted to do something with them so they weren't taking up so much space in the closet (and on my counters)!!
I've been thinking about this for weeks but every time I got to the Dollar General I see something shiny and forget what I was looking for.

So here was my solution:

Yep shower curtain hooks!  It cost me a whopping two bucks and I still have leftovers for more hats. 

Here was the before:

And 60 seconds later here is the after:

Easy peasy right?!?!?!  It really doesn't take much to make my Friday night.  Yeah, I'm getting old!