Friday, December 30, 2011

Drumroll please.....

I think we are kind of official!!  Just talked to the buyer regarding an email he and his wife received from their lender.  They apologized for the delay but said that the quality assurance department had been working with the appraisal company all week to get things finalized.  They then finished up the email by saying that we were on track to close NEXT WEEK!!!  I am going to go ahead and assume that it means we are good to go :)  Whew, I am feeling MUCH better.  Gotta get my run done so I can bust out a celebratory beer to go with this fancy handle (a present from my daddy :P)

The latest and the greatest!

Wow, I really think that I might be lucky enough to develop an ulcer over Christmas break this year!!  I can't handle the waiting anymore.  I have been texting with the buyer this morning and apparently the bank did NOT like the comps that the appraiser used and sent the appraisal back and told them to re-do it.  Would somebody PLEASE tell me that it means that they told them to make sure it appraises high enough.  Holy crap, it is going to be a long weekend if I don't hear today.  Blah, so annoying!!

Eh, I think Tommy is saying, "don't worry my favorite sister cuz you are good to go!!"

Thursday, December 29, 2011

I am losing my sense of humor...and some sleep!

In case you couldn't figure it out by the title, I am starting to get a litte cranky!!  Grrrrrr, we still haven't gotten the "official word".  We heard from the buyer last night (and he is as anxious as us) and said we would REALLY hear today.  Guess what?  We didn't hear anything!  We also heard from the buyer that they anticipated tht we would close SOONER than January 15th.  That led me to believe that the appraisal was looking OK but they were trying to finalize things with the FHA underwriters. 
That being said, I have been a packing and cleaning fool.  Just take a look at my garbage.  We have the 2 can limit and believe me we got our money's worth this week.  It was like Jenga in garbage land!
Man look at those mad skills!  I had everything balanced perfectly ;)  Hehehehehe!!

Let me just show you how the toy room looks now.  It went from a hot mess to nothing but loaded boxes!

Yep, you got it!  The toy room is totally packed up and if you look to the right that is the fine 10 year gift that I got from the University of Michigan.  I love the clock, but have just been waiting for the perfect spot to hang it!

I have decided that I have faith that we are good to go so I am continuing to pack.  I  broke down and bought some boxes from Lowe's so I didn't lose my packing rhythm :)  I really, REALLY hope that TOMORROW is THE day!!

I continue to wait!  Let me just say that I have 7 + houses that will support our sales price with no problem.  Don't make me do the work for the appraiser!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I bit the bullet.

So we haven't heard anything back but I decided to suck it up and start packing!  Yep you heard it....I am taking the chance and gettng this show on the road.  Just take a look at my curio cabinet.

It was completely full just a bit ago but look at it now!!  Nice and clean and ready for storage.  I have to admit that I started getting teary eyed as Emma and I started to box stuff up!

Now look at these:

Yep, my first 2 official boxes packed up and ready to move!  Whew, 2 down....WAY more to go!

I did just hear from our realtor and she contacted the lender to find out about the appraisal.  The loan officer said she would have a more accurate update in the morning.  She said she was still waiting on a couple responses from the underwriter.  Apparently the lender contacted our realtor last week and asked about the "farm land" behind our house.  Pam had to email them pictures of the farm land.  She said that it is typical these days.
Sooooo, she thinks that the appraisal came back with a few questions on it regarding the farm land and they are trying to resolve those questions.  My theory?  I gotta believe that if the appraisal had come in low, they would have told us.  I gotta believe they are working on those few questions and then will provide us an update on the anticipated close.  Hahahaha!  Whatever helps me sleep, right?  I feel good that we are good to go and I am going to continue on my merry packing way :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rumor has it...

that no news is good news!  So I am going to be brief again tonight. I apologize but as I went to write up my post tonight apparently my browser no longer supports my blogger site.  Like I have ANY idea what that means. Sooooo that means I will have to ask Tommy to help me and then he will tell me that I am so pretty ;)

Update for the night.  Our realtor said that we will NOT hear anything unless the appraisal came in low.  So the fact that we haven't heard anything is good news.  Ryan texted the buyer and asked him if they had heard anything and he said unfortunately not.  However he said he had already started packing and that as soon as he heard, he would let us know :)  So hang in there with me and I will let you know once I hear.

Uggghhhhhhh I do NOT have time to switch to a new blogger application :(  Hope I can figure this out!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

I guess tomorrow it is!

Well I still haven't heard anything on the appraisal today!  Sooooooo I guess that means that tomorrow is THE day!!  Holy crap keep your fingers crossed....believe me I AM!!

I am just getting over the flu and am not feeling real creative tonight so I guess that is all that I've got!!  I do have to confess that I am starting to get REALLY sentimental and keep thinking that this is really going to be our last Christmas here so I want to make sure to take lots of pictures.  So I leave you tonight with the "last picture of our Christmas tree here at 3635 Summerfield Rd."

I also have to add that our Christmas tree looks WAY better in person.  Anywho, tomorrow is my last day of work and then I am off until January 3rd.  So, if we get the good word on the appraisal tomorrow then let the packing begin.  Well, that is after I make it through Christmas. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

Wham bam, thank you ma'am!

Whoa, did that title make you blush a little?  It sure did me ;)
Anywho, the appraiser showed up about 4:15 tonight and it was on.  She literally came in the house and took a picture of each room.  Then I took her out in the barn and she took a picture of the barn and then a picture of the back yard.  She then said, ok that is all I need.
Wow, now that was fast!  I figured she would have measured every room and did all that "fancy" appraiser stuff.  Not so much!  I am thinking that it is a good sign.  Hopefully the bank just said make sure it appraises for $XXX,XXX.  So that was that!  I asked her when we would get the number back.  She said she would have it done by Tuesday or Wendesday.  Sooooooo wooohhooo, looks like we will know for sure by Christmas!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Guess what tomorrow is...

Yep, the appraisal is tomorrow....ALREADY!  As I said, they are not messing around.  I am really hopeful that we get the appraisal back quickly.  Does anybody have any experience with walk through appraisals?  If so, how long did it take before you got the number back?

Wow I am kind of still in shock.  As soon as we get that number back and it is high enough we can start packing.  It still doesn't seem real :)  I am sooooooo excited though!

Of course I decided to run around and make sure the house is sparkling.  I think Ryan has gotten over my staging and told me THIS was not necessary for the appraiser...

Ok, ok honey I will NOT put the wine and wine glasses on the bed.  Sheesh, sorry for trying to class the place up ;)  Have no fear...I am still setting the table and adding all my other touches. 

Hey if I have to give the appraiser one of these to get the right number I will.....
Hey I never said I was above bribery!

Finally, onto a complete side note.  Sooooooo HGTV passed on our reality tv show idea but I am currently watching "Selling Spelling Manor".  Really???  This crap is better than a show about us country folk?  I mean come on, that crazy Candy lady had an entire room dedicated to these..

creepy freaking dolls.  Weirdo much??  Oh and just let me say, who needs a 56,500 square foot home?  Apparently the Spelling's.
As soon as I know about the appraisal so will you :)  As always sent me those loyal good luck vibes!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Up next? The appraisal....

So, sorry I had to stress you all out last night.  Believe me I was REALLY stressed out too.  I think everybody was feeling my pain :)
I am happy to report that the buyer did sign off on the "rent free" portion and sent back to us.  We intialed and sent back and we are officially (I believe) UNDER CONTRACT!
If I could take a picture of myself doing the hillbilly happy dance and post it I would.  Although I am pretty sure Jake would deny being my child.  Soooooooo I will go with the leprechaun instead.  

I am really starting to get excited.  I hope that they come out sometime in the next few days to do the appraisal.  As I said, my hope is that we have the appraisal before Christmas break so we can start moving stuff out.  

So start saving us some boxes and send them our way!  I am really looking forward to my office looking like this again.

 Ok, I am off to hit the treadmill!  Hopefully we get an appraisal date tomorrow.  I might have to take a little trip to Home Goods this weekend to purchase a little something to add to my Dream House Deals!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emotional Roller Coaster!!

Let me just start this post off with some thoughts from this evening...HOLY CRAP!!  Let me say that one more time, HOLY CRAP!!!
 Wow, so when I said that we had a signed contract that was about 95% true.  We had completely agreed on the price but there was one issue.  We asked that they give us 30 days after closing to move out.  However we told them that once we got the appraisal back and it was high enough that we would start moving out and would more than likely be out 15 days (or so) after closing.  When they submitted the offer they gave us 30 days after closing, which was great,  HOWEVER they wanted us to pay rent.  So when we signed the current offer we scratched out the rent part and put 30 days after closing "rent free".
Our realtor submitted the slightly revised offer first thing this morning.  Then we got the word from the buyer's "PEACH" of a realtor (insert sarcasm)

that "as you can suspect, we have an issue with the occupancy so I'm not sure if we still have a deal.  I will get back with you."  Sweet baby Jesus I got that email as I was getting ready to pull out of the parking lot at work this evening.   Needless to say I started to freak out and called our realtor.

She then emailed the buyer's agent and let her know that standard practice in our neck of the woods (she is located near Detroit) is the 30 days RENT FREE.  Our realtor emailed me and let me know that the "peach" said she couldn't figure out why but her clients were willing to go with the rent free change.  Whew, I thought......until Ryan got a call directly from the buyer.

Unfortunately the buyer caught Ryan just as he got out of bed for the night and in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...."big mistake, huge!"  Ryan did a little bit of hollering into the phone when the buyer asked for us to pay the rent.  Ryan told him that we were DONE giving anymore.  The buyer said ok, well I am going to have to call you back.

Ryan was shaking he was sooooo mad.  Me?  I thought I was going to toss my cookies.  I thought, there is NO WAY another deal can fall through (as I fought back the tears) and we both paced.  Then, the phone rang....

It was the buyer.  He said he was really sorry if he busted Ryan's....well YOU fill in the blank :)  He said he was just trying to do what we were doing and get the most for his money.  Don't say I said this, but Ryan said he was sorry for hollering and that he had just gotten out of bed.

Bottom line you ask?  We have 30 days rent free but will most likely start moving as soon as we get a high enough appraisal.

The buyer called while we were at the kids' Christmas program tonight and let us know that they had finalized their loan info tonight and that the lender had ordered the appraisal.  Say it with me....


So onto the appraisal my friends.  I have faith it will come in high enough and we can embark on our packing extravaganza!!

Monday, December 12, 2011

I think it is for real this time!!

Wooohhoooo!!  We have a signed agreement :)  Yiippppeeeee!!  Just got that taken care of today and had the home inspection TONIGHT!!

Here it is in all it's glory :) 

Did I say yiiippppeeeeeee yet??  Oh wow, doesn't that look like a festive table in the background?

Not only did we just get the contract this morning but we also found out that they wanted to do the home inspection at 6:30....tonight!!  Well we had it at 6:30 and let me tell you how that went......

Yep, you saw that right!  He gave us the big ole thumbs up!  Yahooooo!  Now we have to wait for the appraisal.  Once we get the appraisal back and it is high enough then we can really start packing.  Don't want to jinx anything though by getting started.  I really hope we have the appraisal done and back by next week!

Once we do get the appraisal back I am going to break down and have one of these delivered:

Shhhhhhhh, don't tell the kids but a whole lotta stuff out of the toy room is going to find a new home in the dumpster.  Look out Grandma Peg and Grandpa Tom....HERE WE COME!!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

He's Baaaccckkkkk!

That is ALL that I am going to say for now.  I am trying not to jinx anything.  So just send some good vibes our way.  I really think this is going to pan out this time.

Cuz after all I am really dying to put this in my new house :)