Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rumor has it...

that no news is good news!  So I am going to be brief again tonight. I apologize but as I went to write up my post tonight apparently my browser no longer supports my blogger site.  Like I have ANY idea what that means. Sooooo that means I will have to ask Tommy to help me and then he will tell me that I am so pretty ;)

Update for the night.  Our realtor said that we will NOT hear anything unless the appraisal came in low.  So the fact that we haven't heard anything is good news.  Ryan texted the buyer and asked him if they had heard anything and he said unfortunately not.  However he said he had already started packing and that as soon as he heard, he would let us know :)  So hang in there with me and I will let you know once I hear.

Uggghhhhhhh I do NOT have time to switch to a new blogger application :(  Hope I can figure this out!

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