Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I bit the bullet.

So we haven't heard anything back but I decided to suck it up and start packing!  Yep you heard it....I am taking the chance and gettng this show on the road.  Just take a look at my curio cabinet.

It was completely full just a bit ago but look at it now!!  Nice and clean and ready for storage.  I have to admit that I started getting teary eyed as Emma and I started to box stuff up!

Now look at these:

Yep, my first 2 official boxes packed up and ready to move!  Whew, 2 down....WAY more to go!

I did just hear from our realtor and she contacted the lender to find out about the appraisal.  The loan officer said she would have a more accurate update in the morning.  She said she was still waiting on a couple responses from the underwriter.  Apparently the lender contacted our realtor last week and asked about the "farm land" behind our house.  Pam had to email them pictures of the farm land.  She said that it is typical these days.
Sooooo, she thinks that the appraisal came back with a few questions on it regarding the farm land and they are trying to resolve those questions.  My theory?  I gotta believe that if the appraisal had come in low, they would have told us.  I gotta believe they are working on those few questions and then will provide us an update on the anticipated close.  Hahahaha!  Whatever helps me sleep, right?  I feel good that we are good to go and I am going to continue on my merry packing way :)

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