Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Emotional Roller Coaster!!


Let me just start this post off with some thoughts from this evening...HOLY CRAP!!  Let me say that one more time, HOLY CRAP!!!
 Wow, so when I said that we had a signed contract that was about 95% true.  We had completely agreed on the price but there was one issue.  We asked that they give us 30 days after closing to move out.  However we told them that once we got the appraisal back and it was high enough that we would start moving out and would more than likely be out 15 days (or so) after closing.  When they submitted the offer they gave us 30 days after closing, which was great,  HOWEVER they wanted us to pay rent.  So when we signed the current offer we scratched out the rent part and put 30 days after closing "rent free".
Our realtor submitted the slightly revised offer first thing this morning.  Then we got the word from the buyer's "PEACH" of a realtor (insert sarcasm)


that "as you can suspect, we have an issue with the occupancy so I'm not sure if we still have a deal.  I will get back with you."  Sweet baby Jesus I got that email as I was getting ready to pull out of the parking lot at work this evening.   Needless to say I started to freak out and called our realtor.

She then emailed the buyer's agent and let her know that standard practice in our neck of the woods (she is located near Detroit) is the 30 days RENT FREE.  Our realtor emailed me and let me know that the "peach" said she couldn't figure out why but her clients were willing to go with the rent free change.  Whew, I thought......until Ryan got a call directly from the buyer.

Unfortunately the buyer caught Ryan just as he got out of bed for the night and in the words of Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman...."big mistake, huge!"  Ryan did a little bit of hollering into the phone when the buyer asked for us to pay the rent.  Ryan told him that we were DONE giving anymore.  The buyer said ok, well I am going to have to call you back.

Ryan was shaking he was sooooo mad.  Me?  I thought I was going to toss my cookies.  I thought, there is NO WAY another deal can fall through (as I fought back the tears) and we both paced.  Then, the phone rang....


It was the buyer.  He said he was really sorry if he busted Ryan's....well YOU fill in the blank :)  He said he was just trying to do what we were doing and get the most for his money.  Don't say I said this, but Ryan said he was sorry for hollering and that he had just gotten out of bed.

Bottom line you ask?  We have 30 days rent free but will most likely start moving as soon as we get a high enough appraisal.

The buyer called while we were at the kids' Christmas program tonight and let us know that they had finalized their loan info tonight and that the lender had ordered the appraisal.  Say it with me....


So onto the appraisal my friends.  I have faith it will come in high enough and we can embark on our packing extravaganza!!


  1. This would have made for a great reality TV show! Boy did that production company screw up.


  2. Selling a house is worse than buying a house. Every post you write gets me a little choked up because I know EXACTLY what you are going through. When we finally closed the deal (after trying to sell for 3 years) and we handed over the keys it was the most wonderful feeling ever! and then Dennis looked at our realtor and said, "okay, so it's really done now? there isn't some grace period where they can get out of the deal, right?" ha ha...we can laugh now, but it wasn't funny then :)