Thursday, December 1, 2016

Nascar Dinner!

Yeah you read that right, Nascar Dinner.  Have you ever made Nascar Dinner?  Well I did the other night!  This is that crazy time of the year when we're busy with holiday preparations and BASKETBALL.  Both of the kids are in the midst of basketball season and we are BUSY.  As a matter of fact this week we have/had games on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.  I KNOW!!  I'm tired just thinking about it.  Most nights boo-boo kitty and I hammer home just to jump in one vehicle and head to the games.

Buddy plays Junior High basketball and those games start at 5:30ish.   Sooooo that leaves no time for Nascar Dinner.  My only hope for Buddy's game nights is a crockpot dinner or....sugar packets.  Since I'm not keen on sugar packets for dinner I usually roll with something in the crock pot.

Now when Baby Girl plays, she is on Varsity and she doesn't start until 7:00.  However, we do like to get there a little early to watch the JV so here's where I gotta be fast.  I got home at 5:10 and dropped the hammer.  I ran in and got to business and it looked (and sounded) a little like this!

Hahahahha not really but that's how I felt it went in MY mind.  I ran around like a part of a Nascar pit crew and pulled together one of my FAVORITE dinners!!  Theennnnn I fixed my hair and retouched my make up.  We were out the door by 5:44 on the dot (that's 34 minutes peeps).  Now how's THAT for fast?

I totes thought I had a picture of the dinner I made but I don't.  I'll just link you back to the recipe that I know I've shared before.  So QUICK, so EASY and most importantly SO GOOD!!!

Who else has some good and FAST recipes they can share?  After all I have many more weeks of basketball to come ;)