Monday, September 26, 2011

Open house = BUST!!

Soooooooooooo guess how many people showed up to the open house???? 

Yep you guessed, zero, zilch, nada!

Soooooo I will keep my chin up and go back to shameless plugs!

Oh and on the TV front.  I have been trying to get an update and I have been getting zero responses.  So I have decided to take matters into my own hands and start plugging the show on my own.  Keep your fingers crossed :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Spelt...the other white wheat!

Sooooooo who would like to try some super delicious cake mixes made from spelt??  If you answered yes, then I have the PERFECT site for you.

What is spelt you ask?  It is a wheat alternative.  If you want more detail then go out and google it.  Orrrrr if you would like some more info shoot me an email and I can hook you up with my mom.  I would put her email address on here but I would hate for it to wind up in a bathroom stall at a truck stop ;)  Here is the site.....

Mom has made 5 cake mixes made from spelt each one named for one of the grandkids.  However, there is another cake mix coming....I believe it is going to be called "Mindy is my favorite child delight".  At least I THINK that is what she is gonna call it!
Sooooooo go check out the yummy goodness and share the word with your friends!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

Cabinet Craziness and Shotgun Showing!

I finally decided that I was going to breakdown and paint my cabinets this past weekend.  Well here was my bright idea.  I was going to paint the doors on the top row of cabinets Friday night...that was all.  I thought it would just give me a little head start so I didn't spend ALL DAY Saturday painting.  Soooooo, I asked Ryan to take all the doors off for me and take them out in the barn.  That he did and then to my surprise, one of my BFF's said she was going to come over and help me.  Yiiipppeeeee!!  I was awfully happy to have some help.

Here are the cabinets pre-paint.  Well pre- NEW paint.  We had previously painted them cream and did a stain treatment on them.  I think maybe they freaked people out and they just thought they were dirty.  Here they are without the handles.

So we moved them out to the barn and I started to get my paint swerve on!!

Seriously would somebody remind to me to touch up my makeup put on some more makeup before I start taking blog pictures.  Can you say hot mess much?  Oh and this was is gonna get better.

So things were going EXTREMELY well so Shawna and I were happy to drink our adult cocktails and watch the paint dry on the cabinets.

Well that was what we were doing until I got THE call from our realtor at 9:30 letting me know that somebody wanted to see the house the next day at 1:30.  So I proceeded to freak out cuz now I was committed to getting the cabinets finished and QUICKLY!

So, Emma and Shawna got the power tools and went to removing ALL the cabinets.  Here is Emma being my super helper.
Isn't she soooooo precious???  Jake had a buddy over so they were off having fun while we were slaving away!!
So I sent out the bat signal on Facebook looking for all the help I could get..... 

 Annnnddd since I have the best friends ever my sister-in-law showed up at midnight.  Here are Shawna and Johnna helping a sister out!  
Wow I don't know how, but we got 'er done!  Oh and p.s. do NOT call hoarders now that you've seen the inside of my cupboards.  Needless to say I got to bed about 3 am or so and was back up at 7 to continue.

I then called my super fantastic parents to come help me put the cabinet doors and handles back on (since Ryan got home from work at 8 am and I MADE him go to sleep :P)

Here is my daddy-o!!
Annnnddddd my mom trying to convince me to rearrange the living room before the showing....I told her that I couldn't handle any more major rennovations before the showing.
Now here we are.....the grand finale!!  Are you ready for it?????  I can't believe we got it done but we did.  As I said I would have NEVER made it without my AWESOME friends and parents :) :)

Just let me say that I am glad that is over.  We are having an open house this Sunday so I hope the new cabinets get a good reaction.  Whew can you say, LONGEST.BLOG.EVER???

New Blog Coming Tonight....

Sorry I was non-existent this weekend my 36 loyal followers!!!  I will have lots to share with you tonight about my cabinet refurbishing and our shotgun showing on Saturday.  Whew, I had some major baggage under my eyes to prove just how hard I worked this weekend.....

Thursday, September 15, 2011

I am feeling oddly optimistic!!

I dunno what it is but for some reason I am feeling REALLY optimistic about the showing today!!  As a matter of fact I am kind of wound up all of a sudden.  Ohhhhhh wait.  I bet it is because I just chugged one of these.... 

Call me crazy but that COULD have something to do with it!  Anywho I needed that Rockstar cuz I was up half the night doing this.

 Sorry just had to share that lovely picture again....cuz I was looking so LOVELY after all!!!

Welllllll then I just talked to Ryan and he just went and took the wind out of my sail in regards to these people buying the house...

He said that they were only there for about 25 minutes.  I guess that isn't THAT quick of a walk through is it?  They must have been looking at several houses since they were 40 minutes late getting to our house.  Hmmmm I dunno.....could have only been 5 minutes, right?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I Feel Like Cinderella!! 

Uhmmmmmm yeah not so much THAT Cinderella but THIS Cinderella....

Wow my hair is looking pretty foxy.....Oh I hear my fairy godmother calling me....

Oh good lord there I am scrubbing the bathroom floor on my hands and knees.  Seriously somebody needs to buy our house sooner than later ;)  Heehehehe!!  

Wait my Knight in Shining Armor saved me by folding a load of white clothes.  Good lord I hate white loads.  There are always 600 socks and you always walk away with 250 what do ya do with the other random 100 socks???

Man I really do have the best hubby EVER!!  He likes folding laundry.  HOWEVER, don't EVER tell him I put this on my blog ;)

Oh and the kids were really excited about helping out getting ready for the showing.....

Soooooo excited they were playing Connect Four :P  They really did help out alot.  Here are the finished products of their rooms!!

So after that intense game of Connect Four they broke down and cleaned their rooms.  I just have to say they ROCK!!!

Oh yeah and I did score some flowers down on Dixon Rd.  I have no idea who they are but I REALLY want to have a cool flower garden like "they" do when I have my new house.  Here they are....

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

One year ago today....

So Facebook has that fancy new feature where it shows you what your status was a year ago today.  Wellll my status said "Showing the house today....feeling lucky."  I thought thanks FB why don't you just smack me in the face while you're at it! 

So, of course I was pulling my poor me....I'm not showing the house THIS year now am I???  Well that was until I checked my email tonight and sure enough we have a showing on Thursday morning.  Yaaahhhooooooo!!!  So I REALLY need to get over to Dixon Rd to see if they have more of these....

Have any of you been out to Dixon Rd lately to see if they still have flowers??  Cuz I know that I am NOT going to make it to Costco before Thursday morning.  Let me know the scoop!!

So I am gonna call it an early night tonight cuz I am gonna have a late night of cleaning and staging tomorrow night.  Whew glad that pity party is over ;)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Desperate times call for deperate measures!!

I have come up with a theory.  I am sure you are anxiously awaiting my genius theory so here it comes!!  I think I need to dig up that mother bleeping St. Joseph statue and bury it in the back yard.  I am pretty sure that I always heard that it is supposed to go in the backyard....

Remember this fancy purchase?  Yep it said to bury it in the front yard so I did what it told me to.  Welp, I don't think it is quite functioning properly.  I mean call me crazy and all but he isn't upholding his end of the deal!

Remember my burial???

Yep there it is upside down in the FRONT yard.  I know some of you have tried this so PLEASE let me know if I should dig him up and put him in the back yard. 

I informed Ryan tonight that we may need to dig St. Joseph up.  Let me see if I can find a good depiction of the look he gave me....

Yep I am pretty sure that sums up exactly how Ryan was feeling.  Eh, he is used to me so I am sure it didn't surprise him.  The only trick is going to be finding exactly where we buried him.  Eh, it will give us something to do, right?  
I am sure I will get plenty of photos when we exhume the statue!  Stay tuned.....