Monday, September 19, 2011

Cabinet Craziness and Shotgun Showing!

I finally decided that I was going to breakdown and paint my cabinets this past weekend.  Well here was my bright idea.  I was going to paint the doors on the top row of cabinets Friday night...that was all.  I thought it would just give me a little head start so I didn't spend ALL DAY Saturday painting.  Soooooo, I asked Ryan to take all the doors off for me and take them out in the barn.  That he did and then to my surprise, one of my BFF's said she was going to come over and help me.  Yiiipppeeeee!!  I was awfully happy to have some help.

Here are the cabinets pre-paint.  Well pre- NEW paint.  We had previously painted them cream and did a stain treatment on them.  I think maybe they freaked people out and they just thought they were dirty.  Here they are without the handles.

So we moved them out to the barn and I started to get my paint swerve on!!

Seriously would somebody remind to me to touch up my makeup put on some more makeup before I start taking blog pictures.  Can you say hot mess much?  Oh and this was is gonna get better.

So things were going EXTREMELY well so Shawna and I were happy to drink our adult cocktails and watch the paint dry on the cabinets.

Well that was what we were doing until I got THE call from our realtor at 9:30 letting me know that somebody wanted to see the house the next day at 1:30.  So I proceeded to freak out cuz now I was committed to getting the cabinets finished and QUICKLY!

So, Emma and Shawna got the power tools and went to removing ALL the cabinets.  Here is Emma being my super helper.
Isn't she soooooo precious???  Jake had a buddy over so they were off having fun while we were slaving away!!
So I sent out the bat signal on Facebook looking for all the help I could get..... 

 Annnnddd since I have the best friends ever my sister-in-law showed up at midnight.  Here are Shawna and Johnna helping a sister out!  
Wow I don't know how, but we got 'er done!  Oh and p.s. do NOT call hoarders now that you've seen the inside of my cupboards.  Needless to say I got to bed about 3 am or so and was back up at 7 to continue.

I then called my super fantastic parents to come help me put the cabinet doors and handles back on (since Ryan got home from work at 8 am and I MADE him go to sleep :P)

Here is my daddy-o!!
Annnnddddd my mom trying to convince me to rearrange the living room before the showing....I told her that I couldn't handle any more major rennovations before the showing.
Now here we are.....the grand finale!!  Are you ready for it?????  I can't believe we got it done but we did.  As I said I would have NEVER made it without my AWESOME friends and parents :) :)

Just let me say that I am glad that is over.  We are having an open house this Sunday so I hope the new cabinets get a good reaction.  Whew can you say, LONGEST.BLOG.EVER???

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  1. NICE JOB!!!! Plus you then had Saturday open since you had gotten all your work done! GOOD LUCK ON SUNDAY!