Friday, April 29, 2011

Kiss the cook!!

Tomorrow is our big cook out!!  So for those of you that we invited over (and didn't give the heads up that you are going to be on camera) be prepared that we assume you are going to be people that will help us out on our new house!!!  Sooooooo you are going to be part of the video that showcases ALL of those people that will help us out through the whole DIY house building project.  Get your close-up faces on and smile pretty for the camera!!

I am SURE tomorrow will provide me with some seriously funny blog fodder so be prepared.  I am going to take tons of pictures and share the wealth!!

What's on the menu, you ask?  Well about 120 chicken wings, the mother of all pork loins and a whole lotta salads and dips!!  Yeah, that's how us country folk roll!!!

Hopefully the weather cooperates and nobody swears too much (ahem uncle Paco) and the video provides PLENTY of entertainment!!  Stay tuned....

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stager from way back?!?!?!

Well are you ready for it???  Drumroll please.......

Ok, hold up.  You didn't think I would bust out the picture that fast did you???  Ryan called me at work today to let me know that he let the people in to look at the house.  At that point I asked him if he would mind taking a couple picutre of the bed after he made it. OF COURSE, he told me to get a life!!  He said that he knew what I was up to.  He figured I wanted him to take pictures of the bed so I could holler at him for not doing it right.  Man oh man, way to make me sound like a big ole jerk.  So needless to say he told me to get a life.

Don't give up yet though.  When I got home tonight he said hey babe I took a few pictures for you.  Needless to say I just dumped them on my computer and I guessed the last laugh was on me. Here they are:

All I have to say is real funny honey!!  I knew he seemed too eager when he told me he took pictures.  So apparently he decided to take the pictures after the peeps left and he came back from Wendy's (thus the drink on the night stand) and went back to bed!!  I guess the joke was on me...or was it??  Cuz I guess I am the winner.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!

Sooooooo onto TV news:

I have to work on a video diary!! I am hoping to get that done tomorrow night.  Then this weekend we are having a little cook out with all of the people that will be involved with helping us build our new house.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Staged, stocked and ready to rock!!

Hola my long lost blogger friends!!!!  Well, after 3 long weeks of abso-freaking-lutely nothing....we HAVE A SHOWING TOMORROW!!!!!  Wooohhooooo, can I get a HOLLA?!?!?!?!
Why wouldn't we have a showing tomorrow??  I didn't sleep much last night and all I thought about was coming home and taking a nap after dinner.  Welllll instead of a nap this evening I got to dust, mop floors and scrub the toitys!!!!  Hahhahaa, really I am not complaining.  After all, it only takes one!!  Oh and I didn't make my usual trek down to Costco for froyo and awesometastic flowers so here is my table with my faux flowers from Target.  Not as sweet at Costco but it'll do donkey (in the words of Shrek). 

Sweet baby jesus if you could see our table up close and personal you would feel for me.  We have had that table for a good 7 years or so and I believe it was a floor model at Lowe's.  Seriously our paper plates stick to it when we have really hot food on it.  Heeehehehehe, have no fear I will have a high quality table for our future dining room!!

Here is our master bedroom!  The real reason I am going to share is because I staged the bedroom as I normally would.  Keep in mind we aren't showing 'til tomorrow.  However Ryan will be the one to make the bed before the peeps show up tomorrow.  Bwwwhahahahhhaaaaa he told me I needed to make sure it was all made up when I left in the morning so he would remember what to do when he got up to leave for the potential buyers to come.  So, I am taking a little poll......who thinks MY staged bed will be better than Ryan's????  I am going to leave the camera here tomorrow and make him take a picture when he is done.  So, here is my finished product!

As always keep those fingers crossed!  I'll be sure to post some pictures of Ryan's master staging tomorrow!!  Oh and I'll give you a tv show update tomorrow as well!! 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Is there a homeless guy in my office???

Yep you read that right!!  If you could see my office you would think there was a homeless guy setting up shop in my office.  Does anybody remember back in March when we had a signed contract and we were planning on closing on our house and moving out????  Yeah I am with ya, I barely remember that either.  However yes there was a point where we thought we would be moving out of our house on April 10th but that is now just a thing of the past.  Have I mentioned that we haven't had any action in like 3 weeks???  Oh that's right I did!!!
So back to my original point.  Back when we really thought we sold our house everybody at work started saving me boxes.  So I thought I would share a couple pictures of the hot mess that is my office.  One of these days I am really going to load them in my Jeep and take them home.  Well they are:

Wait, is that a to-do list I see on my white board??  Why yes it is!!!  I have to be honest when I say that the short little list seen there is not truthful AT ALL!!!!  If you could see that list right now you would be really stressed out like I am!!!  As a matter of fact you might be having one (or 5) of these like I am tonight!!

So the bottom line is that I have a whole lotta boxes should we ever REALLY sell this house!!  Oh and did I mention that I need you guys to become official followers?  GET IT DONE!!!!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need these REAL bad!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe this should be new segment on my post....

As I have said many times I am a little OCD about my sweet new house that REALLY we will build someday.  I totes promise you that we will build SOMETHING eventually.  You guys have stuck it out with me thus far so just hang in there and you will get to the real nitty gritty of the hubby and I duking it out over wood floors vs. carpet in the masterbedroom.  Hehehehehe!!  So as I said I do pretty much have most of my master bedroom picked out (remember the silver bedding from a previous dream house deals???)!!!  There are 2 things that I HAVE to have from  Instead of having lamps on each side of our bed I want this hanging pendant light.  I need one for each side of the bed...check 'em out:

OH MY DOG!!!  Do you not love it?  There is one little catch tough.  They are $115.99 each :O  Sweet jesus I will need to hit the lottery or something to pick these up ANY time soon.  Hey overstock .com I am up to 28 followers now, hint..hint!  Could be some good advertising.  Sooooooooo my loyal followers out there (wooohhhooo all 28 of you now) keep an eye out for an exact replica of this that only costs $15.99.  Hey a girl can dream, right????

Monday, April 18, 2011

Can you handle the rambling???

Well, can you?  This blog is going to be all over the place so brace yourself!!  I had a pretty busy weekend and warned everybody that I came into contact with that they could be potential "victims of the blog".  Bwwwhahahhahaaaa!!!

On the house front:  Well how do I say this?  Zip, zero, zippo, zilch, I need to go on???  I don't think so!!  We have had NO ACTION in the last 2 weeks :(  It is really getting on my third nerve too (awwwww that is a little phrase that my little cousin used to use).  Ok so she isn't so little anymore and now enters my first victims.  Here is that adorable cousin of mine and her boyfriend going to prom!!  Aren't they cute???  So yes she used to use that getting on my third nerve quote when she was much younger. 

Hey KT and EB now that you are official victims you better get on being official followers!!!  Don't make me forcefully make you do it at family dinner!!!!

Oh and bunco was on my agenda for Friday night!!  I hung out with all the bunco babes and made them all pose to be part of the blog :)  Hahhahahaaa!!!  Smile for the camera ladies.  Here they all are!!

Look at CK saying hey you can sell that house I have faith!!

Oh and SJ saying are you serious?  You sucker me into being a bunco sub and you are making me smile for the blog.  Oh and I believe she is saying hahahahaha SUCKAS I won 60 bucks tonight!!

Awwwwww it is JD saying is my lighting ok??  Oh and I just have to throw in the fact that this was my roomie my freshman year at UM!!!  Ohhhhhh the memories!

Here are CH and NS giving me the look because this was my third attempt because I was as steady as a 90 year old man!  Sooooooo I finally stabilized my phone and snapped a good one!!  It is a good thing CH's shirt is a little blurry cuz this is a family blog and I would have to bleep that :P

Here is CF and CE and WOW again i need to level out those shakes!  Hehehehe I can see it in their eyes.  They are saying hurry it up so I can get back to rollin' those dice!!!

Annnddddddd last but certainly not least here is the remaining group....AH, SV (sorry I totally gapped on your married name) and BJ.  The remaining bunco babes who look like they are enjoying a nice cold one while waiting to roll those dice!!!!  Thanks girls for putting up with me.

****I do realize I missed one very important person and that was CS the hostess with the mostess.  I am going to have to hunt her down this weekend and take a picture and have a post dedicated to her :P

The moral of the story above is that I need to start taking my camera with me and not relying on the crappy pictures taken with my phone. 

So, in summary:
No action on the house!
Little cousin not so little anymore...going to prom!
Hanging out with the bunco babes, uncontrollable shakes and nice cold beverages!


Whew, I think I should have included a flow chart!!!  Peace out my 26 followers!  Again if you are just anonymously stalking me online go out there and become an official follower...or I'll cry!!!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dream House Deals

Hello my friends out there in the blogger world!!  I think it is time for some dream house deals, don't you???  Well here is another of my glorious deals.  I can't quite get a picture that I love but here they are.  They are silverish and goldish and they are candle holders...plan on putting them in the main bathroom off the great room in the new house!

Once again I got these at Marshall's for the bargain price of $6.99 each!!  Man, it doesn't get much cheaper than that does it?  However, as I looked in my closet tonight I realized that I am starting to run out of deals.  I better get on that and start picking some more stuff up.  I am certain that Ryan will love to hear that (insert evil laugh)!!!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm starting to get impatient!!

I know that is probably really hard to believe but all of a sudden I am starting to get ants in my pants!!!  I don't know why but I was sitting at my desk today thinking are we EVER going to sell our house?!?!?!?!  Not sure what my dealio is but COME ON!!  Had our previous deal worked out we were supposed to close on April 5th and we would have moved out by the 10th.  HOWEVER, here we are with ZERO offers!  Blah, no sense in dwelling on it, right?

Monica if you are out there reading this then I have to go with our theory that the offer fell through for a very good reason!  It fell through in order for our project to work out :D  See, there is always a silver lining. 

Hey wanna see my flowers that I got a Costco this weekend????

Hahhahaha, loves them!!  As I told that membership for froyo and flowers!!  Here are Conni and Emma and baby Conor partaking in some froyo!!! 

I think Costco should be giving me some kick backs for all the publicity I've been giving their flowers and frozen yogurt.  Ahhhhhh a girl can always dream!

Anywho send me some good real estate vibes!!  I really gotta get on that St. Joseph statue STAT!!!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Garbage Day = Fun Day!!

As I said, yesterday was clean up day in our township!  Ryan and I decided this was a good opportunity to knock a layer of crap out before we have to move!!  You saw how beneficial garbage day was to my closets.  Here is what we drug over to the dump yesterday morning:

OH NO!!  Is that the Barbie car I see in there?????

Awwwwww the Barbie car!!  Makes me sad to see it go.  That was Emma's 2nd birthday present.  Sniffle, sniffle the kids are growing up too fast!!

Anywho onto more garbage fun!!

Look at what a hot mess the yard was.  Uggghhh of course it had just monsooned the last few days!!

Ryan was kind enough to bring along some work gloves for me so I could help him unload the trailer. HOWEVER, when he saw that muddy mess he didn't want 2 of us tracking mud into his truck so he told me to stay in the truck....HOLLA!!!  

He had 2 helpers to help him out he wasn't flying solo after all.  Oh and let me tell you that when I rolled the window down to take this picture, it did NOT smell like roses out there!!!

Pretty sad that this one of my favorite days of the year, huh?  Eh, I'm a dork what can I say?!?!?!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Time for the afters!!

I finished 'er up this evening and am feeling perdy good about it!  Here it is in all of its gloriousness!!!!  One closet down way too many to go. 

Man I'm kind of a big deal!  That closet looks freakin' awesome if I do say so myself!!

Annnnddddd here is a little bonus after picture.  Remember the hot mess linen closet I showed you a week or so ago???  Well here is my after:

Hello mommy are you out there reading this???  Do these look better ???

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just like Christmas only WAY different!!

This Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year.  No it isn't my birthday or any super cool holiday.  Nope nothing like is clean up day in our township.  That means you can fill your trucks, load your trailers or even make your kids drag any and all crap you may have to drop off.  When I say anything I mean ANYTHING.  You gotta get there early or you are going to wait in line to get into Steven's to dump your load.  I made the kids go to bed early and Ryan brought me in a few turbo garbage bags out of the barn.  You know what that means, right????  It is time to clean out the......TOY ROOM!!!!  Bwwwahahahhahahahaaaa!!!  The kids are scared and rightfully so.  They have so many little odds and ends in there that just need to be trashed.  They aren't even worth donating so are you ready for the before and afters (I can hear my mom cringing as I decide to post more horrific closet pictures)?????


Yes I do realize that it looks like Milton Bradley vomited in there!!

Whew this is going to be a 2 night project I am afraid.  It is very close to being WAY past my bed time so I better call 'er a night.  So I guess that means you need to tune in tomorrow night for the after photos!!  Believe me I did some serious work tonight so I am super excited to finish up tomorrow night!  This is going to make moving just THAT much easier!!   Catch ya'll on the flip side!!

"This replaces the naughty bag......"

So, this post has absolutely nothing to do with selling our house, shacking up with the 'rents, dream house deals or raccoon invasions but it is pretty funny.

My dad got my SIL and I a cute little make up bag and they said NAUGHTY on the side of them (ya know the whole naughty/nice thing).  I have a habit of leaving my makeup bag on my desk at work in case I need to freshen up my lip gloss through out the day!!!  The girls would walk by on occasion and remind me that my naughty was showing if the wrong side was showing in my office.  I didn't want to give anybody the wrong idea with the whole naughty thing.
Well a couple weeks ago I was apparently chewing gum, walking and trying to throw a couple water bottles away in our outdoor garbage cans.  I also had my NAUGHTY bag under my arm and managed to throw that away as well.  I spent an hour the next morning trying to find it and Ryan finally found it and dug it out of the garbage.  Needless to say it STUNK like serious garbage.  I decided my best bet was to throw it away and go with a temporary bag.  Sooooooooo this is what I have been carrying around for the last month:

Then I got to work today after being out sick for 3 days and this is what I found in my mailbox:

With a post-it note that simply said, "this replaces the naughty bag"!!  So I gotta give a big shout out to KC for my sweet new springy make up bag.  THANKS GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Slacker much?!?!?!

So, did you guys think I fell off the face of the earth or that I was kindapped by a band of angry 'coons?  Well I didn't and I wasn't!!  The crud that everybody around me has had finally caught up with me and knocked me down for a couple of days!  Blah, been home from work for 2 days and NO WORKING OUT FOR 2 DAYS!!!  Good lord this better clear up real freaking fast!!  Well enough about me 'bout that house of ours????

We had our open house on Sunday and here I am back to staging!!  Uggghhh I thought I was done with staging.  NOT SO MUCH!!  So here is my table with the FANTABULOUS flowers I bought from Costco.  Seriously I got a membership there just for the flowers (don't tell Ryan that was the only reason).

The good news:  we had 2 people through the open houe!!  The bad news:  they both said the bedrooms were too small!!  Ok whatevs!
Thennnnnnnn we had another showing yesterday and they said that they loved the house but that it was too small!  Ok, don't get me wrong but isn't all of that info listed on the interweb?  Call me cuckoo, but I believe it has the total square footage of the house and the dimensions of all the rooms.  As I said, WHATEVS!!

I think that desperate times call for desperate measures so I am on a mission to find one of these:

Sorry, I was going to put the picture there but the 104 temp is frying my brain and I can't figure out how to "borrow" and past a picture.  Oh, and the Nyquil is kicking innnnnnnnnnnnnn, oh oops I dozed off for a minute

After all you know Nyquil is the night time sniffling, sneezing, coughing aching, stuffy head, fever, how the h#ll did I wake up on the bathroom floor medicine!!

So I am off to bed and promise I won't slack anymore!!

Dream House Deals

Well, well,well wait til you see this deal!!!  This is one of my favorites so far!!  Oh and not just because how much it cost!! I gave my mom a couple framed Eiffel Tower pictures a year or so ago.  She said once we built the new house she would buy me a picture to replace the 2 I gave her.  Soooooooo, I saw this one about 6 months ago and absolutley loved it.  Mom just got a 20% off coupon in the mail so we hit Bed, Bath and Beyond on Saturday and picked this up!  Here it is:

So in the end this lovely picture was FREE TO ME!!  I think this is going to go into our computer room/guest room!!!  Wooohhhoooo, loves it.  The problem is that it is so big I had no place to put it here.  So, it is now hanging out in mine and Ryan's soon to be bedroom at mom and dad's!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Raccoons, raccoons they are EVERYWHERE!!!

Wow, just when I thought I was done with my raccoon encounters they keep popping up EVERYWHERE!!   I walked into work today and the first thing I noticed was a new picture on my office door.  Normally I have a few pictures one of my rockin' co-workers put up on my door of me running my first marathon last year that she took while cheering me on.  When I came in this morning one of my other super fantastic co-workers put up a new picture on my door.  Are you ready for it is!!

Hahhhaha if you look very closely at the bottom left you will see a raccoon sticking it's tongue out at me as if it is saying na-na-na-na-nana!!!!!  All I can say is good one girls!

Then as if that wasn't funny enough.  Wait til you see what was loitering outside the main entrance of our building today.  I really think I am some sort of weird 'coon magnet or SOMETHING.  I dunno call me crazy but everywhere I turn I see them!!!

I mean come on, who WOULDN'T climb into a garbage can for a quarter pounder???

Ok just let me say SICK!!!  I have had all of the raccoon fun I could handle for a lifetime at our house for the last 4 days and now I gotta worry about them jumping on my face as I leave work at the end of the day!!

Ok so we have an open house on Sunday and a showing on Monday so LOOK OUT this baby is gonna be sold by next weekend.  I can feel it.  I will share some more sweet pictures tomorrow of my open housee preparations.
Oh and I am going to Costco tomorrow to get some fresh flowers for the open house.  Good lord have you ever gotten some flowers from Costco?  They are the best EVER and sooooo reasonable.  I really got my membership for the flowers (insert blushing emoticon)!!  I will be sure to share some pictures.