Saturday, April 2, 2011

Raccoons, raccoons they are EVERYWHERE!!!

Wow, just when I thought I was done with my raccoon encounters they keep popping up EVERYWHERE!!   I walked into work today and the first thing I noticed was a new picture on my office door.  Normally I have a few pictures one of my rockin' co-workers put up on my door of me running my first marathon last year that she took while cheering me on.  When I came in this morning one of my other super fantastic co-workers put up a new picture on my door.  Are you ready for it is!!

Hahhhaha if you look very closely at the bottom left you will see a raccoon sticking it's tongue out at me as if it is saying na-na-na-na-nana!!!!!  All I can say is good one girls!

Then as if that wasn't funny enough.  Wait til you see what was loitering outside the main entrance of our building today.  I really think I am some sort of weird 'coon magnet or SOMETHING.  I dunno call me crazy but everywhere I turn I see them!!!

I mean come on, who WOULDN'T climb into a garbage can for a quarter pounder???

Ok just let me say SICK!!!  I have had all of the raccoon fun I could handle for a lifetime at our house for the last 4 days and now I gotta worry about them jumping on my face as I leave work at the end of the day!!

Ok so we have an open house on Sunday and a showing on Monday so LOOK OUT this baby is gonna be sold by next weekend.  I can feel it.  I will share some more sweet pictures tomorrow of my open housee preparations.
Oh and I am going to Costco tomorrow to get some fresh flowers for the open house.  Good lord have you ever gotten some flowers from Costco?  They are the best EVER and sooooo reasonable.  I really got my membership for the flowers (insert blushing emoticon)!!  I will be sure to share some pictures.


  1. I'm pretty sure that is the SAME coon as the one in your attic. It's following you. Are you skerred?

  2. I agree Bebe I think they are following me. It must have hung on under my jeep like Robert Deniro did in Cape Fear!! Bwwwhahahhahaa!!!!