Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm starting to get impatient!!

I know that is probably really hard to believe but all of a sudden I am starting to get ants in my pants!!!  I don't know why but I was sitting at my desk today thinking are we EVER going to sell our house?!?!?!?!  Not sure what my dealio is but COME ON!!  Had our previous deal worked out we were supposed to close on April 5th and we would have moved out by the 10th.  HOWEVER, here we are with ZERO offers!  Blah, no sense in dwelling on it, right?

Monica if you are out there reading this then I have to go with our theory that the offer fell through for a very good reason!  It fell through in order for our project to work out :D  See, there is always a silver lining. 

Hey wanna see my flowers that I got a Costco this weekend????

Hahhahaha, loves them!!  As I told you...got that membership for froyo and flowers!!  Here are Conni and Emma and baby Conor partaking in some froyo!!! 

I think Costco should be giving me some kick backs for all the publicity I've been giving their flowers and frozen yogurt.  Ahhhhhh a girl can always dream!

Anywho send me some good real estate vibes!!  I really gotta get on that St. Joseph statue STAT!!!

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