Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Stager from way back?!?!?!

Well are you ready for it???  Drumroll please.......

Ok, hold up.  You didn't think I would bust out the picture that fast did you???  Ryan called me at work today to let me know that he let the people in to look at the house.  At that point I asked him if he would mind taking a couple picutre of the bed after he made it. OF COURSE, he told me to get a life!!  He said that he knew what I was up to.  He figured I wanted him to take pictures of the bed so I could holler at him for not doing it right.  Man oh man, way to make me sound like a big ole jerk.  So needless to say he told me to get a life.

Don't give up yet though.  When I got home tonight he said hey babe I took a few pictures for you.  Needless to say I just dumped them on my computer and I guessed the last laugh was on me. Here they are:

All I have to say is real funny honey!!  I knew he seemed too eager when he told me he took pictures.  So apparently he decided to take the pictures after the peeps left and he came back from Wendy's (thus the drink on the night stand) and went back to bed!!  I guess the joke was on me...or was it??  Cuz I guess I am the winner.  Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!!!

Sooooooo onto TV news:

I have to work on a video diary!! I am hoping to get that done tomorrow night.  Then this weekend we are having a little cook out with all of the people that will be involved with helping us build our new house.

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