Thursday, April 7, 2011

Just like Christmas only WAY different!!

This Saturday is one of my favorite days of the year.  No it isn't my birthday or any super cool holiday.  Nope nothing like is clean up day in our township.  That means you can fill your trucks, load your trailers or even make your kids drag any and all crap you may have to drop off.  When I say anything I mean ANYTHING.  You gotta get there early or you are going to wait in line to get into Steven's to dump your load.  I made the kids go to bed early and Ryan brought me in a few turbo garbage bags out of the barn.  You know what that means, right????  It is time to clean out the......TOY ROOM!!!!  Bwwwahahahhahahahaaaa!!!  The kids are scared and rightfully so.  They have so many little odds and ends in there that just need to be trashed.  They aren't even worth donating so are you ready for the before and afters (I can hear my mom cringing as I decide to post more horrific closet pictures)?????


Yes I do realize that it looks like Milton Bradley vomited in there!!

Whew this is going to be a 2 night project I am afraid.  It is very close to being WAY past my bed time so I better call 'er a night.  So I guess that means you need to tune in tomorrow night for the after photos!!  Believe me I did some serious work tonight so I am super excited to finish up tomorrow night!  This is going to make moving just THAT much easier!!   Catch ya'll on the flip side!!

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