Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I need these REAL bad!!!

Hmmmmmmmmm maybe this should be new segment on my post....

As I have said many times I am a little OCD about my sweet new house that REALLY we will build someday.  I totes promise you that we will build SOMETHING eventually.  You guys have stuck it out with me thus far so just hang in there and you will get to the real nitty gritty of the hubby and I duking it out over wood floors vs. carpet in the masterbedroom.  Hehehehehe!!  So as I said I do pretty much have most of my master bedroom picked out (remember the silver bedding from a previous dream house deals???)!!!  There are 2 things that I HAVE to have from  Instead of having lamps on each side of our bed I want this hanging pendant light.  I need one for each side of the bed...check 'em out:

OH MY DOG!!!  Do you not love it?  There is one little catch tough.  They are $115.99 each :O  Sweet jesus I will need to hit the lottery or something to pick these up ANY time soon.  Hey overstock .com I am up to 28 followers now, hint..hint!  Could be some good advertising.  Sooooooooo my loyal followers out there (wooohhhooo all 28 of you now) keep an eye out for an exact replica of this that only costs $15.99.  Hey a girl can dream, right????

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