Monday, April 18, 2011

Can you handle the rambling???

Well, can you?  This blog is going to be all over the place so brace yourself!!  I had a pretty busy weekend and warned everybody that I came into contact with that they could be potential "victims of the blog".  Bwwwhahahhahaaaa!!!

On the house front:  Well how do I say this?  Zip, zero, zippo, zilch, I need to go on???  I don't think so!!  We have had NO ACTION in the last 2 weeks :(  It is really getting on my third nerve too (awwwww that is a little phrase that my little cousin used to use).  Ok so she isn't so little anymore and now enters my first victims.  Here is that adorable cousin of mine and her boyfriend going to prom!!  Aren't they cute???  So yes she used to use that getting on my third nerve quote when she was much younger. 

Hey KT and EB now that you are official victims you better get on being official followers!!!  Don't make me forcefully make you do it at family dinner!!!!

Oh and bunco was on my agenda for Friday night!!  I hung out with all the bunco babes and made them all pose to be part of the blog :)  Hahhahahaaa!!!  Smile for the camera ladies.  Here they all are!!

Look at CK saying hey you can sell that house I have faith!!

Oh and SJ saying are you serious?  You sucker me into being a bunco sub and you are making me smile for the blog.  Oh and I believe she is saying hahahahaha SUCKAS I won 60 bucks tonight!!

Awwwwww it is JD saying is my lighting ok??  Oh and I just have to throw in the fact that this was my roomie my freshman year at UM!!!  Ohhhhhh the memories!

Here are CH and NS giving me the look because this was my third attempt because I was as steady as a 90 year old man!  Sooooooo I finally stabilized my phone and snapped a good one!!  It is a good thing CH's shirt is a little blurry cuz this is a family blog and I would have to bleep that :P

Here is CF and CE and WOW again i need to level out those shakes!  Hehehehe I can see it in their eyes.  They are saying hurry it up so I can get back to rollin' those dice!!!

Annnddddddd last but certainly not least here is the remaining group....AH, SV (sorry I totally gapped on your married name) and BJ.  The remaining bunco babes who look like they are enjoying a nice cold one while waiting to roll those dice!!!!  Thanks girls for putting up with me.

****I do realize I missed one very important person and that was CS the hostess with the mostess.  I am going to have to hunt her down this weekend and take a picture and have a post dedicated to her :P

The moral of the story above is that I need to start taking my camera with me and not relying on the crappy pictures taken with my phone. 

So, in summary:
No action on the house!
Little cousin not so little anymore...going to prom!
Hanging out with the bunco babes, uncontrollable shakes and nice cold beverages!


Whew, I think I should have included a flow chart!!!  Peace out my 26 followers!  Again if you are just anonymously stalking me online go out there and become an official follower...or I'll cry!!!


  1. darn i missed being in the blog :(

  2. Just remember that labor and delivery has NOTHING to do w/ you selling your house OR dream house deals... DEAL!?!?!?! :)