Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why didn't anybody ever tell me......

that my butt was so big???  Hhahahaha does anybody remember that quote from the movie Space Balls?  Come on when the dude's head was backwards and he could see his fanny???  Yeahhhhh now you remember huh?  That is the quote that popped into my head after I looked at each of the pictures from the cook out video shoot.   Bwwhahaahahahahaaa I crack myself up.  So needless to say we had a very large evening that night while shooting our cook out video.  My loving brother was kind enough to put the video camera on me after I had had a couple adult beverages.  Needless to say that portion of the video is lying on the cutting room floor!  Here are some pictures of the festivities!!

Heeehehehee looks like BJ is standing watch and look aunt Jodi is smiling for her close up!!

 Uncle Kevin shmoozing the camera!!

Uncle Tommy and Uncle Denny, the computer guy and engineer respectively!!

Taylor says "hey I think you should pick uncle Ryan and aunt Mindy cuz I am so cute."

Here was a little photographic evidence of Mom and Kelsey adding the drama!!!

Wow that's a whole lotta pictures.  I just heard from Monica and she said she really liked the cookout video and is going to review my video diary tonight.  Sooooo hopefully we will hear something concrete soon!  Oh and hey, did you notice that I have 32 followers now????  HOLLA!!!!


  1. That's right. Guarding the booze! And seriously who's cute kid is that? hehehehe. And I think you have a really nice butt Mindy. ;)

  2. Notice how my "a$$" dodged the video camera all night? ;) OWN is going to have to wait to see my booty NOT 35 weeks pregnant! :P

    P.s. I think you have a cute butt too... HOLLA!

  3. Hhehehehe you guys kill me!! Dad just didn't catch any pictures of us 4 shooting our video!! Look out there will be plenty of pictures of you to follow soon enough...once you quit avoiding the camera.
    Oh and that is your seriously cute kid aunt BJ!!