Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wouldn't you know it??

It never fails I tell ya!!  Just when our house is completely out of control because we have softball and baseball every other night during the week we get a call to show the house.  I've said it a million times my only takes one!  So between getting ready for our big camping trip, ball games and that whole J O B thing, I've gotta get this place in tip top shape!!  Wow, I had to take a power nap after dinner just so I could get my cleaning swerve on!  Holy cow this dreary weather makes me feel like I have mono!!  Oh well maybe I can get Ryan to do his magic with staging!!

The real bummer of all is that I can't get to Costco before Friday so I can get my usual fresh flowers.  Man oh man what's a girl to do????  Let's just be honest Kroger's flowers are just overpriced and rather crappy!  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Well I can't spend too much time chatting it up tonight...gotta get this place sparkling.  Come on, please tell me the stars have aligned and this is the one!!!

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