Monday, June 6, 2011

Extra, extra read all about it!!
Here I am, back at it!!  Things have been crazy and on top of that I think that I was just a little bummed out!  I have been kind of frustrated and just  kind of OVER IT!!!  I am pulling out of that  downer mentality RIGHT NOW!!  I have to stay positive and know that it will happen soon.

Anywho, update on that last showing......
They came a week and a half ago and they liked the house and the barn but they were planning to put an offer on another property that our realtor has listed....another property that is $60K higher. Hey if they want to pay $60K more I am more than happy to take that!!

Ugghhhhh our realtor thought they were really looking for out buildings and not price caps.  The other house's barn was comparable to ours but the house was 500 sq. feet bigger.  So there goes that shot...wait, wait I can't think like that.  They hadn't written up an offer yet so there is still hope that they could decide to put an offer on ours, right RIGHT?!?!?!?!  I am done being down and gonna stay positive.
I have been so bummed out that I haven't even been watching HGTV, can you believe that????  HGTV is the crack to my addiction.  Sooooooo I am done pouting and am going to make this HAPPEN!!!

Hehehehehee so I am not nearly that cute when I am pouting...just ask my husband!!

So here goes, I have to get my mojo back and git 'er done.  We had 2 people stop and pull in the driveway last night to get our info off the for sale sign.  So hopefully we get some action this week!!!

I will be back tomorrow night, I PROMISE, with a dream house deals post!!  After all I would hate to disappoint JD and Katie :D 


  1. So excited to get an update but I was looking for a happy face not a cute sad look! Hope to see a Happy Face & contract soon!!!!
    JD & KATIE! (see told ya I check your site often!)

  2. Just think...all this time waiting you can be saving to build an even bigger house. Pros to everything...

  3. This was one of my favorite entries. You are so good at this job you might want to consider becoming a writer instead of a TV star.


  4. Awwwww thanks everybody for the great comments...made me feel better!!

    Oh and for the record, I did NOT pay my mommy to say that :)