Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm getting the itch....

and I don't mean that as a personal problem ;)  I am getting the itch to get the house started!!  I had totally stopped even thinking about the house when I was having my little pity party the last 6 weeks!!  However I am back into interior designer mode and getting anxious!!!  I want a deck soooooooo bad so I can buy one of the super cute patio sets I have seen on my recent shopping trips!! I want to be able to sit out on our super sweet deck and do my blog from there!!  I am feeling it....I really, really am!! 

Listen to me....I am starting to sound like Matt Foley, motivational speaker (I do NOT live in a van down by the river however)!!!

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Anywho, back on track.  I am back to being optimistic and I am going to order that d@mn St. Joseph statue I have been talking about!!

Ryan and I took a drive out to the property the other night and just sat out there for a bit and it was just glorious out there.  I am gonna take some pictures when we go out there on Wednesday night and I will include them on my blog that night.  I have to share some pictures of Jake's tree that we planted about a month ago.  We would have gone tonight but I have one very sick little boy :( 

Also thought I would share some pictures after my latest coupon run :P  Hehehehehee I am digging this couponing.  I tell ya...Walmart literally paid me to take some of this stuff off their shelves.  Takes some work getting prepped for the trip but it has been well worth it!!!

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  1. Come on over and I will show you how to build a deck. Bring your work gloves. I put your brother to work on the post hole digger and he had blister on both hands in 15 minutes.