Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Come on, I need some input!!!

Ok,  so here it is!!  I need somebody to come up with a brilliant idea on how to get my house out there more!!!  I mean it....I need some ideas!!!  I know I asked you all before but my loyal followers must be the strong, SILENT type cuz I got zero responses.

It is out on Craigslist, on MLS and I have been shamelessly plugging it on Facebook but I NEED MORE people!!  Share your thoughts with me or well how 'bout you just share my house with everybody you know!!  Ugghhhhhhhhhhh I will be anxioulsy awaiting your kind thoughts in my comments section....
Sooooooooo I am going to continue on developing my plan to take over the world figure out how to shamelessly plug my house.  I will be looking forward to your input.  Whoever has the best idea gets a bozo badge!!!!!

DUDE, I apologize for the nightmares this photo may cause!!

1 comment:

  1. Maybe when you road is fixed you will have a whole new group of commuters driving by fall in love with it! (Might want to contact the supervisor to see when that is going to start....) KATIE (you surprised me again with a mid-day update!)