Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where do I begin??

Ok, so no property pictures yet!  Whew it has been a busy week and we just haven't made it there in between ball games and practices.  Now, get prepared for my all over the place blogging tonight!!

First, just waiting for my St. Joseph statue.  I still haven't heard anything about when it is supposed to ship so I really hope that they get the show on the road and ship it!!

I'm a thinkin' that it really needs to get here cuz we've still not had any action for the last three weeks!!  Ugghhhhh, still just hangin' in there.

Ok, onto my next topic...I HATE DOING DISHES.  Wow I just realized tonight that I am soooooooo over doing dishes.  I would certainly like to just get our house built so I can have a dishwasher (and by dishwasher I do NOT mean ME!!!).  Really we have lived here 11 years so that adds up to lots of dishes being done by hand.  Ahhhhhhh I will be dreaming of this in the meantime.....

Ok, toasters are you ready to talk toasters???  Bwhahahhahaaaa I told you that I was going to be all over the place tonight!!  We were having tuna on toasted whole wheat english muffins and everything bagels...welllll my honey biscuit decided he was going to clean out the toaster tonight!!  Wait for it.....

Ryan decided to just tip the toaster upside down and do a little shakey, shakey to get the "few" crumbs out.  You ready to see the "few" crumbs?????

Sweet baby jesus I gotta belive that it was a good thing he dumped the toaster cuz that baby looked like a fire hazzard :P  Whew good thing Ryan is always looking out for us ;)  Hehehehe say it with me....SICK!!

Ok, final picture for the last Walgreen's stock up for the week.  Good lord, I've only been doing this 2 weeks and I have a crap ton of stuff already.  Ryan is going to build me some shelves in the barn this weekend as a matter of fact!!

Mom and dad might want to strangle us by the time we move in with our ginormous stock pile of goods.  Well either that or they won't have to go grocery shopping for a very, very long time.

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  1. Looks like I know who to hit up when we run out at work!