Thursday, June 9, 2011

What do I need to do???

Seriously, what is wrong with our house that nobody wants to buy it???  I am trying not to sound like a whiner but I am sooooooooo going to whine.  This house just sold in Summerfield Township in about a freaking month!!

Our Freaking Competition

I see that this house has granite countertops and our house does NOT but come on!!  Grrrrr I just don't know what else to do!!!  Hey I know what to do....plaster my for sale sign all over.  So, here ya have it!!

So, if you are interested here it is!  For the record the mosquitoes were tearing me and Aunt Johnna up.  Oh yeah Aunt Johnna is here tonight. Wanna see her???  Here she is putting up with me blogging while we are trying to visit.....

She says hey stop whining about trying to sell your damn house and talk to me :P  Hehehehehe yeah right she loves me regardless.  Oh and truth be told, we've really been sitting here trying to figure out how to add my pictures to the blog from my camera (as if it was my first time...grrrr I have no memory). 
As I said, spread the word with all your friends out there cuz you know I appreciate it :)

So, like I don't have enough going on I thought I would start some sweet couponing.  Here is my score for the first half of the week.  Gonna make a couple more trips before Sunday rolls around!!!!  Here is the start of my stash......

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