Sunday, June 19, 2011

The house is gonna sell fo shizzle now!!!

You wanna know why????  Well there are 2 reasons......

1.  We just received this!!

So my sweet St. Joseph statue showed up yesterday...HOLLA!!!  We finally got 'er buried today...

Honey biscuit was kind enough to dig me a hole for my statue AND smile for the camera.  He is such a good boy !!  Puts up with my blogging torture!

Here he is in his hole.  After this, we buried him like the directions told us to and I said the 2 prayers.  I said the 2 prayers and I was NOT struck by lightening so all was well!!

2.  We just met with a local farmer to plant beans on the property.  So you know full well now that we will have 6 acres full of beans, we will sell the house.  If we sell the house we will have to pay the farmer for the beans if we need to start building before he harvests.  Soooo as I said....I am sure it will sell tomorrow so we have to pay for the beans.  Hey I am totally down with that.  If that is what it takes then so be it!!

Here are some pictures from the property today!!  Everything is growing like crazy...sooooo it will be good to have it planted to keep the weeds down.

Oh annnddddd we had somebody go blowing by the house and stop and turn around to come get our info off the sign.  Well, either that or they were casing the joint.  I really hope they just wanna buy it!!

Happy Father's Day to all you dad's out there!!!!!

Oh and an especially happy Father's Day to my dad, my father-in-law, and my fabulous husband :D The best dad's ANYBODY could ever ask for!!!!

I'll leave you with one last picutre of my VERY cute boo-boo kitties!! 

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  1. Only you would dig a hole in a dress!