Monday, June 27, 2011

Do we attract bizarre situations or what???

Hahaha yeah I think we are some sort of odd situation magnets!!!  Before I get to the deets I just have to confirm for Katie that I did indeed get some Costco flowers for tonight...

Ok, ok so I spent lots of time this weekend getting the house ready and when he showed up tonight he didn't even bring his wife.  As a matter of fact he didn't even go any further than the breezeway!!  Hey, if nothing else my house is super sparkling and ready for the week.  Onto the situation.  He said he really wants the house but is just starting this new job and is worried he won't get financing.  He wants to do a lease for 6 months paying the full house payment and then get the mortgage in 6 months because he think he is more likely to get approved then!!  Uhhhhmmmm does he really think 6 months is going to make a difference?  He said he was at his last job for 11 years (that job was a conractor for Columbia Gas) and now he is working directly for Columbia Gas.  Ryan and I were both very honest and said that we didn't think 6 months would be that much different from now.  At least that is my theory.  He hasn't even tried to get pre-approved.  Uhhmmm hello dude do you not know that you can do all this stuff over the phone and in no time at all???  Why would he not even attempt to get approved now?  The makes me kind of leary but maybe he is just cluelss...not sure which!!  We told him we would talk about the lease thing but really WANT to do the mortgage .  Hopefully he gets his shizz together and calls his bank.  We'll see what happens......
I gotta say I really don't think we would even THINK about the lease so hopefully he miraculously calls us and says that he has been pre-approved.  He said he didn't want to bring his wife and get her hopes up if we couldn't work something out!  So there it stands.  Why can't we just get somebody with no weird baggage to show up with a full price offer???  Ahhhhhhh a girl can dream!!

 Well whatevs....I think we are going to drop the price to $154,900 and that is AS LOW AS WE CAN GO!!  This is our last attempt.  I sure hope this works.  Blue light special in aisle 3.....

Finally I have to give a special shout out to my baby girl who is celebrating her 11th birthday today!!!  Wow, where does the time go???  It really freaks me out that I have an 11 year old!!  She is my little princess.  Here she is rockin' the iPod that Ryan, Jake and I got her!!  Man she sure is cute....



  1. He most likely would get financed if he's working in the same industry....can you say tool?

  2. Emma is so cute!!! She is growing up fast.

    Mom/Grandma Peg

    ps. Can this blog site fix the fact that we can only post as Anonymous?

  3. Happy birthday, Emma.

    I hope you get it straight. I wouldn't even think about leasing. That can cause so many headaches. Of course, if that is what you want, then go for it. The right person(s) will come along. It just doesn't sound like he is the one.

    Aunt Marian