Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Could St. Joseph work his magic THAT quick????

Things that make ya go hmmmmmmmmmm!!!  Yeah you read that title right!!!  What an interesting night.  Ryan was outside tonight after dinner and a guy pulled in the driveway in a mini-van....I just figured he was asking directions.  Next thing you know Ryan comes blowing in the house asking for his barn keys and tells me that the guy outside REALLY wants to see the house and NOW!!!  All I was thinking was, whew good thing I did some work on the house this evening!!
Don't get me wrong, the house wasn't anywhere near perfect like it would be if I had staged it but it was good enough ( I guess).
Anywho, the guy said he really liked it and the barn sold it for him.  However, as any husband would say, he needs the wife's approval.  They live in Frankenmuth (to my bff's:  I hope he didn't see that sign in Frankenmuth with all our pictures on it about the fact that we aren't allowed back there :P) and they
need to relocate closer to Toledo soon!!  Needless to say I think my new bff St. Joseph is sending the vibes our way!!!  He said he is sold but doesn't want to commit to anything until he talks with his wife.  Soooooooo, *fingers crossed* that she likes the house as much.  He is going to bring her and their kids down this weekend!!
Hey, at least that will give me time to stage the house perfectly for his wife to inspect. 

In the mean time I will keep my fingers crossed and I will be having dreams of this tonight:

I expect each and everyone of you reading this to stand up and do a "sell Ryan and Mindy's house dance".  Oh and I also dare you to post pictures of you doing that exact dance in my comments!!!!  Come a little!!!


  1. Michelle BarnettJune 22, 2011 at 9:35 PM

    Ok - did the dance!! Now it should sell! I can't believe this story!!

  2. I know Michelle!!! How crazy is this??? I really hope it pans out. Thanks for dancing.....

  3. Was it he bar that we are not allowed back in or the entire city of Frankenmuth?-Nikki