Friday, January 27, 2012

Mindy and Kelsey's Excellent (Grilling) Adventure!

Yep I am on a mission to turn Kelsey into Martha Stewart while we are living here. Ok, ok not Martha Stewart but I keep telling her that I am gonna turn her into a good wife for some boy down the road.  Hehehee, yeah I know, the 1950's called......
I don't really mean it, I just like to yank her chain.  She always says she loves our grilled cheesburgers so I told her to get ready and I would show her the secret!
Yes, those are my funny bunny pants.  What can I say?  I really like to class the blog up.  They are also tucked in my boots with the fur if you didn't notice that. 
"See Kelsey the key is in the can't be afraid of it!  You need pepper, Lawry's season salt and garlic powder."  Oh great, now that I told you the secret I may have to kill you!

Whoa look at me! I am flipping the burgers so fast the light blurred behind me!  Yep I think she really learned alot that night!  Always happy to be of service.....

Thursday, January 26, 2012

One last farewell!

We capped our almost 12 years at 3635 Summerfield Rd off with one last barn party.  I know I mentioned it yesterday but I did a whole lotta crying.  I was doing plenty of crying in between trips to mom and dad's to drop the little things off.  Yeah, yeah I know I have been whining forever about selling the house but I knew I was going to be a big whiney baby!

Let me just say thank you SO MUCH to everybody that helped out last Saturday.  I was really overwhelmed and mom, BJ, Brenda and Jodi were all there to keep me focused.  I would have never got it done without you guys.  THANKS AGAIN!

So once all the workin' was done it was time for the drinking!  One last night in the barn. 

Here was Ryan sharing the left over fries with Z-dog.  No wonder she likes him the best.  I need to remember to bribe her with food!

We didn't have much to do out in the barn.  As you can see in the background the ole girl was pretty bare.  Well other than the bathroom sign that we eventually took down.  I mean come on....we need that baby for the NEW BARN!!  Here were some action photos (if you consider drinking beer an action).....

Look at Jodi and KT sharing the love with Pete and Brenda.  Let me just say that I wasn't the only one who was a little sad that night!  Pete, Brenda and even Shawna were sharing in the tears with me!

Yep, I had a whole lotta crying under my belt at that point thus the reason I look so lovely!  Hey I think Ryan even looks a little sad right there too!

Then there was the birthday girl.  Happy birthday BJ...thanks for spending your special day helping me <3

Looks like she is in charge of the Birthday Babe crown now!!

Mom and dad and the kids were there too but my camera just died before I got any more pictures.  Believe me, they are going to be tired of my camera in their face by the time we move out!

So, stay tuned tomorrow for Mindy and Kelsey's Excellent Grilling Adventure......

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We survived!!

Whew, we did survive the final big move this past weekend.  Sorry I have been MIA but I really think that I could have taken a week off of work and slept the entire week.  Because that is JUST how much fun moving is.  Holy crap, did we have a hectic weekend.  We did get everything out on Saturday and had one final PAR-TAY out in the barn for good measure.  Let me just say that I cried like a baby just like I had anticipated!  It is possible that my SIL got a real "hot-mess" of a picture of me crying but I am not sure that I am going to share.
So we are officially moved into our new pad....and I will share the photos once I get some batteries!

This is just a quick lunch time update, so ya'll didn't think we ran off to Mexico.  However a tropical destination wouldn't break my heart right now.  Eh, how 'bout a little Aruba love to get you through the afternoon?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Awwwww that makes me happy!

Steve (the buyer) stopped by to pick up a key to the barn and he said that he and his wife and kids are VERY excited about moving in!!  Let me just tell you how happy that makes me.  Any bit of sadness that I felt about moving out is totally gone :)  Yaayyyyyyyyy!!  I am so very happy.  He even said he may stop by on Saturday to drop some stuff off in the barn and have a couple beers at our going away party....that is technically in his barn!

Ya know the barn where we had this pre-going away party 2 weekends ago.

Now this weekend is the really real goodbye party.  Can't wait for the festivities.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A Little Sentimental....

Ok, ok so I have been whining for over 2 years about selling our house!!  However I had a couple sentimental moments today!!  The buyers emailed me and asked if they could stop by and get a barn key so they could start moving some stuff in the barn.  Not sure why but it got me a little teary-eyed.  I think it was because it was finally sinking in that it was real.  So I have to admit that I had a little bit of a crying moment on my way home.  Then something pulled me out of it.  Guess what it was??? 

Yep Red Solo Cup came on the radio and I was over it.  Then I started thinking about the brand new house that we are going to get to build this year.  Yep that Toby Keith sure knows how to write a good mood party song!  We will officially be out this weekend.  Wooohhhooooo!!!

Monday, January 16, 2012

Packing Day #3286!

Ok so I haven't been packing that many days but it sure does feel like it!  We have been busy packing day and night for the last couple weeks so my blogging has been, well, non-existent.  HOWEVER, I am happy to report that we are in the home stretch.

Sunday started off a little stressful.  We had to get all the living room furniture to the storage unit.  We also had to get everything other than all our beds and our dresser drawers to mom and dad's.  Ryan and I were the only 2 here and he and I were NOT going to be able to move all that stuff on our own.  HOWEVER Grandpa Tom and Uncle Kevin T. came to the rescue!   Whew cuz Sunday was our anniversary and we did not want to fight while trying to move furniture.  Needless to say we got everything done we wanted to!

Aunt BJ came over today to help me do some more packing and look what we found:

Yep take a closer look...we found piles of money!

So I guess we won't be building our house on our own now that we found a pot of gold.  Bwhahahhaa I really wish it was real but not so much.  We can always dream!

Wait til you see the pictures of us hanging out tonight.  We have ZERO furniture in our living room and Ryan also accidentally took the TV to the storage unit yesterday :P

Here are Ryan and Jake just sittin' on the floor!

Annnddddd Ryan and I also sitting on the FLOOR while folding laundry. ** As a side note....really I do wear make-up and do my hair every now and then.  I need to start remembering to take some pictures before I put my hair up and my make-up has worn off! is the picture of the night!  My BFF's will enjoy this tremendously.  As if they didn't make fun of our old TV wait til they see what we were watching tonight.

Hahahhha look at that big ole TV and sophisticated TV stand! 

I must say though that I feel we have come full circle.  I remember the first night we moved into this house, we had to sleep on the living room floor (and I was 8 months pregnant) and here Ryan and I laid on the same floor watching Wheel of Fortune.  Sniffle, sniffle can you tell I am getting sentimental?  I am sentimental but I am sooooooooooooooo excited for our new adventure :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Packing Part 1

Let me just start by saying WHEW!  I knew packing was going to be alot of work but didn't quite really realize exactly how much.  So, Ryan had to work Friday night, and Conni came over to help me pack.  But before we could get the packing fun started Zoey brought this home.

Yep that's a possum and it was playing possum so she brought it back to her bed.  Yikes, that whole episode could have an entire blog dedicated to it, so I will leave it at that. 

Once we (and by WE I mean Tommy) took care of the possum we got to the packing.  After a couple of hours and some packing and pitching of crap this is what we ended up with.

and this....

Best of all, when Emma was doing this.....

And Conni was doing this......

I was doing THIS.....

Nawwwwwww I was really packing but took a break to pose with the sweet umbrellas we found in the cupboard.  See, it really pays to clean out your cupboards.

Here are Conni and I posing with our find.

Now mind you, we threw out a TON of stuff but Emma just wouldn't let me get rid of these.  Man, she is a redneck isn't she?

(oh wait, I think dad got those for Ryan one year for Xmas so I was NOT trying to get rid of them)

More pictures to follow of our last party in the barn.  I think I am going to sleep for a week once we get moved in with mom and dad!!

Monday, January 9, 2012

We got it!

Nope, not the clap but we got the clear to close!!  Woohhooo!!!  Looks like they want to close on Wednesday.  Whew, thank god it worked out cuz it would have been a bummer to have to UN-pack all the stuff we packed up this weekend.

Know what else I got?  A hot mess of a house......

Thursday, January 5, 2012

You CANNOT be serious!?!??!?!

All I have to say is WOW!!  I am very thankful that I will NEVER, let me repeat that NEVER sell a house again!  Just got an email from our realtor and the lender is (again) asking questions about the farm land behind our house.  They think it is some "operational" farm.  Now they want to know some details about it and they will send it to the appraiser and see if it increases or DECREASES the value of the house.  Dude, do they not understand that the property behind us is simply vacant land that was planted 3+ years ago.  Ugghhhhhh city folk just don't get it.  I mean COME ON, you can't live in Petersburg and not technically live NEAR farm land.  (Let me just say sorry for all the caps). They had better get this bullshizzle straightened out today before I have to go all crazy redneck on them.  Talk me down people......

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Holy pine trees!

So in the midst of the packing frenzy we had going on over Christmas break we got a really good deal on some pine trees and we couldn't pass it up.  Soooooooo we decided that we would go out and line the one side of our property that runs along Ida West.  That is 560 feet and we did them every 10 feet.  So we planted 55 pine trees. 

Here is the first load!

Whew it was mother bleeping cold and windy that day.  As a matter of fact it was the coldest day we've had this winter.  Go figure....cuz THAT is how we roll.  So we got to planting and this was the first section. 

Oh and then poor Jarod stopped by to stay HI and look what happened!

Yep you guessed it.  We put him to work.  Bwwhahahhhaaa!!!

Guess who else we put to work?
Yep that is me rockin' the carhartts and my work boots.  I am thinking about busting that whole outfit out for casual Friday next week ;)  Hehehehe!  I told Ryan that I worked so hard this weekend that I think I need to get my very own PINK Carhartt's!  We'll see how that works out!

Here is Ryan looking like he might have the big one unloading this 6 footer.  Whew we got them all planted and it looks glorious.

Did I mention that I am allergic to pine trees?  Yep, I sure am!  Hugging 50 pine trees did not help the cold that I have been fighting for the last week.  So it caught me and is kicking my butt.  However I do not have time for this crud and I must go continue on my merry packing extravaganza.  Until tomorrow!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Now it is really, REALLY official!!

Wooohhhhooooo, just had to share real quick!  We officially got the appraisal back and it was high enough.  Yiiiipppppeeeeee, we are really official!  Now we can kick the packing into high gear :)