Wednesday, January 25, 2012

We survived!!

Whew, we did survive the final big move this past weekend.  Sorry I have been MIA but I really think that I could have taken a week off of work and slept the entire week.  Because that is JUST how much fun moving is.  Holy crap, did we have a hectic weekend.  We did get everything out on Saturday and had one final PAR-TAY out in the barn for good measure.  Let me just say that I cried like a baby just like I had anticipated!  It is possible that my SIL got a real "hot-mess" of a picture of me crying but I am not sure that I am going to share.
So we are officially moved into our new pad....and I will share the photos once I get some batteries!

This is just a quick lunch time update, so ya'll didn't think we ran off to Mexico.  However a tropical destination wouldn't break my heart right now.  Eh, how 'bout a little Aruba love to get you through the afternoon?

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