Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Packing Part 1

Let me just start by saying WHEW!  I knew packing was going to be alot of work but didn't quite really realize exactly how much.  So, Ryan had to work Friday night, and Conni came over to help me pack.  But before we could get the packing fun started Zoey brought this home.

Yep that's a possum and it was playing possum so she brought it back to her bed.  Yikes, that whole episode could have an entire blog dedicated to it, so I will leave it at that. 

Once we (and by WE I mean Tommy) took care of the possum we got to the packing.  After a couple of hours and some packing and pitching of crap this is what we ended up with.

and this....

Best of all, when Emma was doing this.....

And Conni was doing this......

I was doing THIS.....

Nawwwwwww I was really packing but took a break to pose with the sweet umbrellas we found in the cupboard.  See, it really pays to clean out your cupboards.

Here are Conni and I posing with our find.

Now mind you, we threw out a TON of stuff but Emma just wouldn't let me get rid of these.  Man, she is a redneck isn't she?

(oh wait, I think dad got those for Ryan one year for Xmas so I was NOT trying to get rid of them)

More pictures to follow of our last party in the barn.  I think I am going to sleep for a week once we get moved in with mom and dad!!

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