Thursday, January 26, 2012

One last farewell!

We capped our almost 12 years at 3635 Summerfield Rd off with one last barn party.  I know I mentioned it yesterday but I did a whole lotta crying.  I was doing plenty of crying in between trips to mom and dad's to drop the little things off.  Yeah, yeah I know I have been whining forever about selling the house but I knew I was going to be a big whiney baby!

Let me just say thank you SO MUCH to everybody that helped out last Saturday.  I was really overwhelmed and mom, BJ, Brenda and Jodi were all there to keep me focused.  I would have never got it done without you guys.  THANKS AGAIN!

So once all the workin' was done it was time for the drinking!  One last night in the barn. 

Here was Ryan sharing the left over fries with Z-dog.  No wonder she likes him the best.  I need to remember to bribe her with food!

We didn't have much to do out in the barn.  As you can see in the background the ole girl was pretty bare.  Well other than the bathroom sign that we eventually took down.  I mean come on....we need that baby for the NEW BARN!!  Here were some action photos (if you consider drinking beer an action).....

Look at Jodi and KT sharing the love with Pete and Brenda.  Let me just say that I wasn't the only one who was a little sad that night!  Pete, Brenda and even Shawna were sharing in the tears with me!

Yep, I had a whole lotta crying under my belt at that point thus the reason I look so lovely!  Hey I think Ryan even looks a little sad right there too!

Then there was the birthday girl.  Happy birthday BJ...thanks for spending your special day helping me <3

Looks like she is in charge of the Birthday Babe crown now!!

Mom and dad and the kids were there too but my camera just died before I got any more pictures.  Believe me, they are going to be tired of my camera in their face by the time we move out!

So, stay tuned tomorrow for Mindy and Kelsey's Excellent Grilling Adventure......

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