Thursday, January 5, 2012

You CANNOT be serious!?!??!?!

All I have to say is WOW!!  I am very thankful that I will NEVER, let me repeat that NEVER sell a house again!  Just got an email from our realtor and the lender is (again) asking questions about the farm land behind our house.  They think it is some "operational" farm.  Now they want to know some details about it and they will send it to the appraiser and see if it increases or DECREASES the value of the house.  Dude, do they not understand that the property behind us is simply vacant land that was planted 3+ years ago.  Ugghhhhhh city folk just don't get it.  I mean COME ON, you can't live in Petersburg and not technically live NEAR farm land.  (Let me just say sorry for all the caps). They had better get this bullshizzle straightened out today before I have to go all crazy redneck on them.  Talk me down people......

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