Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wouldn't you know it??

It never fails I tell ya!!  Just when our house is completely out of control because we have softball and baseball every other night during the week we get a call to show the house.  I've said it a million times my only takes one!  So between getting ready for our big camping trip, ball games and that whole J O B thing, I've gotta get this place in tip top shape!!  Wow, I had to take a power nap after dinner just so I could get my cleaning swerve on!  Holy cow this dreary weather makes me feel like I have mono!!  Oh well maybe I can get Ryan to do his magic with staging!!

The real bummer of all is that I can't get to Costco before Friday so I can get my usual fresh flowers.  Man oh man what's a girl to do????  Let's just be honest Kroger's flowers are just overpriced and rather crappy!  Hmmmmmmmmmmm.....
Well I can't spend too much time chatting it up tonight...gotta get this place sparkling.  Come on, please tell me the stars have aligned and this is the one!!!

Monday, May 23, 2011

In the event we ever sell our house....

we really do have a house picked out.  We have our plans picked out but just haven't ordered them yet!!  Just waiting until I have a spare 2 grand laying around ;)  Hey with all this rain I might be able to go out back and pick some off the money tree!! 

 Ok, ok so we don't really have a money tree out in the backyard.  God knows if we did our house would have been built LONG AGO and I wouldn't be going through the agonizing process of selling a house in this craptastic market.  Ahhhhhhhh I digress!!

So back to my point. Our plan for our new house.  This is not going to be a mansion by any means but a mansion in our eyes.  Just a nice 4 bedroom house with a full basement....right around 2600 sq. feet!

                                                      (picture courtesy of

Oh man I love it so!!!  How I wished we could just get started.  See, it is nothing fancy and pretty traditional.....just our style :)  Honestly I really feel like I have given up all hope.  However that is NOT the attitude to have now is it?  Gotta keep a positive outlook and hope for the best!

The other major item on my check list is a St. Joseph statue.  I have to get on that!!!  So if anybody sees one while they are out and about give me a shout.  I am afraid to walk into a religious store for fear lightning will strike ;) 

 There ya have it!!  The latest scoop.  I have contacted a few news channels to try and get some shameless plugs out on their websites.  I heard back from a couple so we'll see what is yet to come!!!  Say it with me, gotta sell this house......

Monday, May 16, 2011

So much to say and so little time!!

Hello I am back and I really mean it this time!!!  Last week was a little crazy so I was a little MIA but I promise I won't let it happen again!!  The kids started baseball and softball AND we were getting ready for our first official camping trip of the season.

So anywho back to the usual stuff!!  I have some awesome pictures of the property but my STUPID phone is acting up and won't send my pictures to my email so just imagine a glorious picture of the property with the sun shining ever so brightly.  Hhahahaa I'll post it eventually.

Oh and then we also planted our first little tree out there that Jake got from Agricultural Day.  It looks a little something like this....

Only NOWHERE as big as this.  Hahahaha the little pine tree that we planted looks like Charlie Brown's Christmas tree but I am sure it will be growing in no time!!

Had a couple drive by our house 104 times last night and stop in the driveway to check the joint out.  So I assume since our house is a hot mess right now they will want to come see the house tomorrow ;)  You know that will be our luck! 
I am gonna work on getting those actual pictures of the property so I can post them.

Well I am out of creative juices and it is WAY past my bedtime so I am going to call it a night!!! 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

New blog comin' at ya!!

I promise to update ya'll tonight!!  I know I have been MIA these last few days but man oh man we've been busy.  Spring is here so the non-stop running kicks in. 

So, in the meantime....who wants to buy our house?  Yep I know it is hard to believe but it is still on the market ;)  SERIOUSLY!! 

My sense of humor is starting to fade.  I mean really...has this baby been on the market for 10 years or what?  Cuz that is what it is starting to feeling like!!  Peace out my now 33 with ya tonight.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Why didn't anybody ever tell me......

that my butt was so big???  Hhahahaha does anybody remember that quote from the movie Space Balls?  Come on when the dude's head was backwards and he could see his fanny???  Yeahhhhh now you remember huh?  That is the quote that popped into my head after I looked at each of the pictures from the cook out video shoot.   Bwwhahaahahahahaaa I crack myself up.  So needless to say we had a very large evening that night while shooting our cook out video.  My loving brother was kind enough to put the video camera on me after I had had a couple adult beverages.  Needless to say that portion of the video is lying on the cutting room floor!  Here are some pictures of the festivities!!

Heeehehehee looks like BJ is standing watch and look aunt Jodi is smiling for her close up!!

 Uncle Kevin shmoozing the camera!!

Uncle Tommy and Uncle Denny, the computer guy and engineer respectively!!

Taylor says "hey I think you should pick uncle Ryan and aunt Mindy cuz I am so cute."

Here was a little photographic evidence of Mom and Kelsey adding the drama!!!

Wow that's a whole lotta pictures.  I just heard from Monica and she said she really liked the cookout video and is going to review my video diary tonight.  Sooooo hopefully we will hear something concrete soon!  Oh and hey, did you notice that I have 32 followers now????  HOLLA!!!!

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whew latest update!!

Sooooo, I made it through the cookout video this weekend.  I would post some more pictures if I could figure out how to get them out of the zip file my daddy sent me earlier.  Hehehehee, so I guess you are stuck wih the ONE picture I uploaded earlier :P  Ugggghhhhhh why did the technology gene skip me?????  Grrrrrr!!
Anywho, the cookout video went really well and sadly enough Paco didn't show up so there really wasn't any "bleeping" that needed to be done.  Well, other than a little somethin' that Shawna let slip ;)  Eh, you'll have that.  I mean REALLY what could they expect out of us?????

We are angels after all!!!

I just got done shooting my video diary that the production company requested.  Oddly enough my voice did not annoy me to no end tonight!!  Hhehhehee on a side note:  I shot the video in our bedroom with the camera propped up and Emma was singing Firework by Katy Perry as loud as she could from her bedroom.  Hehehehehe she wanted to get on that video one way or another!!!
I hope to share more pictures from the cookout with you (ahem Tommy or dad help me figure this shizzle out)  but I am still having technical difficulties :P

Slackin' again!!

Sorry that I have been a bit of a slacker on the blog front but I will be back at it tonight.  However, in the meantime here is a little preview of my blog to come.  This is me with my mad cameraman skeeellzzzz!!

                                             In the words of Arnold, I'll be back!!!!