Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whew latest update!!

Sooooo, I made it through the cookout video this weekend.  I would post some more pictures if I could figure out how to get them out of the zip file my daddy sent me earlier.  Hehehehee, so I guess you are stuck wih the ONE picture I uploaded earlier :P  Ugggghhhhhh why did the technology gene skip me?????  Grrrrrr!!
Anywho, the cookout video went really well and sadly enough Paco didn't show up so there really wasn't any "bleeping" that needed to be done.  Well, other than a little somethin' that Shawna let slip ;)  Eh, you'll have that.  I mean REALLY what could they expect out of us?????

We are angels after all!!!

I just got done shooting my video diary that the production company requested.  Oddly enough my voice did not annoy me to no end tonight!!  Hhehhehee on a side note:  I shot the video in our bedroom with the camera propped up and Emma was singing Firework by Katy Perry as loud as she could from her bedroom.  Hehehehehe she wanted to get on that video one way or another!!!
I hope to share more pictures from the cookout with you (ahem Tommy or dad help me figure this shizzle out)  but I am still having technical difficulties :P

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