Monday, October 28, 2013

What a week!!!

Whew, it has been one helluva week!!!  Before I continue on, I just have to say THANK YOU to all of our friends and family for all of their hard work this last week/weekend!!!!  Never in a million years did I think that we would get that entire house painted in one week.  Well, what do ya know???  We did!!!  Yes I know....that place is a prison!!

So here we go, let's get to the good stuff.  Here are some rather craptastic pictures from my cell phone but you'll get the idea.  I will have to bust out my dad's good camera this week and get some good shots.

Here is the dining room.  Lighting fixture and all!!  

Here is the breakfast nook with the lighting fixture.  The Project Manager tied is up high so it wouldn't smack anybody in the face.....but you get the gist.

Sunroom with actual working lights!!!  Holler!!!

Annnddddd the stone on the front of the house.  I abso-freaking-lutely love it!!!

And in closing let me leave you with some valuable wisdom that was bestowed upon us this weekend from Aristotle The Todd......

"A wet (paint) roller is a happy roller."  Yeah, you're welcome :-)

Friday, October 18, 2013

It's time for a Friday poll!!

So, I though I'd take the time to get your opinion on what I should do with this AWESOME chest that I scored on Craigslist (it is going to go in my great room).  Now, my friend (I shall change her name to protect the innocent) Chawna said that she thinks I should leave it like it is!  However I want to paint it cream with some silver antiquing and new pulls.  What do you think?  Yes - refinish it or No - leave it as is?????  I need your help.....

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

I need your help!!!!

I need to find this exact comforter somewhere out there on the interweb!!!!  First one to find it is the WINNER!!!

Holy crap!! I gotta pick out paint!!

  As I said, I have lots to update!!

The insulators came on Wednesday to get the show on the road.  I was soooo thankful that they showed up two days early.....much to my harassing persistence!!

Because the insulators came two days early our drywallers were able to get started sooner as well!!  This is a shot of one part of the kitchen and the breakfast nook.


That pipe hanging out of the ceiling is where my hood vent will be and the stove will be right under it!

Can you guess what these are?  Uhmmm yep those are my cabinets that showed up a little over two weeks early (which is better than the other way).  Let me tell ya, things have been a little crazy this week!!!  

Now the finishers are working away in the house and guess who has next week off to paint?!?!?!  Yep, this girl does.  Soooooo if anybody gets bored next week, grab a brush and come on down ;)

I have to be honest that I am freaking out a bit that I all of a sudden have to commit to final colors.  Ahhhhh the pressure of it all.  I gotta admit, I like this kind of pressure.  After all I picked November 18th for the magical completion date.  Let's hope I win the pool.......

I'll show ya tomorrow what is being delivered on Friday.  My husband was thrilled......

Update coming at lunch....pinky promise!!!

I have a sh*t ton to share with you!!  Wow, I am a little overwhelmed as things are really starting to come together.  Blah, blah, I will save all the details for you at lunch time.

However, here is a little sneak peak of what's been going on......

Monday, October 7, 2013

Just in time for the cold weather!!

I don't have anything TOO earth shattering to share today but in my mind it is pretty awesome!!  Sooooo, just in time for the temps to plummet we got this put up on our patio.....

Yep our ceiling fan :-) If you look closely to the left side of the fan you can see one of the recessed lights as well!!!  Exciting things people, exciting things!!

Annnnddddd tomorrow the drywall gets delivered!  Woohhhooo, I cannot wait to see what it is going to look like.

Hopefully Ryan is on the horn with the insulation guy trying to convince him to come sooner than Friday.  Speaking of Ryan, he got all of the electrical run into the fuse panel and ONLY zapped himself a handful of times.  Uggghhhh that boy I tell ya!  He makes me nervous.  HOWEVER, it is done now and I won't have to worry anymore.

Friday, October 4, 2013

We are on a roll......

So I am a couple days behind but here's the skinny.......

Ryan was sleeping Wednesday night (he has mono he works a different shift) when his phone rang and it was the electrical inspector.  He asked Ryan where he was and he said, "uhhmmmmm in bed."  The building inspector followed up with, "I'm at your house and can't get in."  Ryan said he couldn't get dressed fast enough and out the door he ran!!

He met the inspector and things went perfectly.  He had one or two little things he had to fix but we got the green sticker!!!  We are official.  I cannot tell you how grateful we are that Louis came earlier than Friday.
I called the bank the next day to let them know that we needed our bank rough inspection ASAP so we could keep on truckin'.  Much to my amazement that inspector showed up yesterday and since I haven't heard anything to the contrary I assume no news is good news!!

Here's the proof!

Now that we finally got that fancy electrical approval he was able to put these back on for me.....

These high quality pictures from my phone don't do them justice but I EFFING LOVE THEM!!!!  I know it may seem cheesy, but in this crazy long process these little things really do mean the most.

You know what else I did yesterday?  I walked into the basement, flipped a switch and guess what happened??  FREAKING LIGHTS CAME ON!!!!  I am really not being a smart a$$......I almost cried :-)  Ryan kicked some a$$ on electrical but would still be working on it had it not been for Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ja-Rod, Uncle Tommy and the rest of the weekend warriors.

Nooowwwww it's time for Uncle Birgil and his drywall crew to come in.  Drywall is ordered and being delivered on Tuesday.  I think it's time to start that email campaign to get the insulation company to bump us up in their schedule.  Ain't no holdin' us back now........

Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Now, pass/fail classes in college are a GREAT idea!! I never minded being able to take a pass fail class.  However, when your building inspection is either a pass or fail option it isn't nearly as awesome!!!  If we fail that meant there are things to fix and that means MORE TIME.  Sweet baby jesus we don't need to waste any more time at this point.  As things are progressing it is clear that my move in date of November 18th is not so likely.  Damn there goes my chances of winning the pool we have going.......

We called for our rough electrical inspection on Monday morning and he couldn't come until FRIDAY :(  Yikes, more time wasted again.  So Ryan called the building inspector and asked if we could come do the building inspection on Friday as well.  He said he could do better and come that day!!!  Yiipppeeee but immediately we were both a little nervous.  So, did we pass????

Scroll down!!!!

Keep going......

Hellzzzzz to the yes we did (pending electrical approval)

Cuz this guy rules :-)

Now I am trying to shmooze the guy at Prime Comfort Insulation to bump us up on his schedule for next week!!!  Maybe we should start an email campaign ;)

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guess Who's Coming Today???

Man I am just full of riddles lately, aren't I?  Well it just so happens that the BUILDING INSPECTOR is coming today to do our rough inspection!  I am awfully excited and a little nervous.  Sooooooo keep your fingers crossed that we get this.....

Now back to the pretty stuff.  So my birthday was a couple weeks ago and I found these four little gems at Home Goods and told Ryan that I had found my birthday present!!!  Thennnnn I had to figure out a way to squeeze them in the back of my Jeep.  Apparently all those years of Tetris paid off!

Here they are in the sunroom just waiting to be broken in (and I don't mean by Ryan, Jarod and my dad on their lunch breaks)!  They look more beige below but the picture above is more the real color!