Friday, October 4, 2013

We are on a roll......

So I am a couple days behind but here's the skinny.......

Ryan was sleeping Wednesday night (he has mono he works a different shift) when his phone rang and it was the electrical inspector.  He asked Ryan where he was and he said, "uhhmmmmm in bed."  The building inspector followed up with, "I'm at your house and can't get in."  Ryan said he couldn't get dressed fast enough and out the door he ran!!

He met the inspector and things went perfectly.  He had one or two little things he had to fix but we got the green sticker!!!  We are official.  I cannot tell you how grateful we are that Louis came earlier than Friday.
I called the bank the next day to let them know that we needed our bank rough inspection ASAP so we could keep on truckin'.  Much to my amazement that inspector showed up yesterday and since I haven't heard anything to the contrary I assume no news is good news!!

Here's the proof!

Now that we finally got that fancy electrical approval he was able to put these back on for me.....

These high quality pictures from my phone don't do them justice but I EFFING LOVE THEM!!!!  I know it may seem cheesy, but in this crazy long process these little things really do mean the most.

You know what else I did yesterday?  I walked into the basement, flipped a switch and guess what happened??  FREAKING LIGHTS CAME ON!!!!  I am really not being a smart a$$......I almost cried :-)  Ryan kicked some a$$ on electrical but would still be working on it had it not been for Grandpa Tom, Uncle Ja-Rod, Uncle Tommy and the rest of the weekend warriors.

Nooowwwww it's time for Uncle Birgil and his drywall crew to come in.  Drywall is ordered and being delivered on Tuesday.  I think it's time to start that email campaign to get the insulation company to bump us up in their schedule.  Ain't no holdin' us back now........


  1. you guys are trucking right along! dont flip those lights too much for fun...after all you will get a bill for that too!! ;)

  2. Hahahaha don't remind me ;) I need to enjoy these $12.00 monthly bills while they last!!