Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Now, pass/fail classes in college are a GREAT idea!! I never minded being able to take a pass fail class.  However, when your building inspection is either a pass or fail option it isn't nearly as awesome!!!  If we fail that meant there are things to fix and that means MORE TIME.  Sweet baby jesus we don't need to waste any more time at this point.  As things are progressing it is clear that my move in date of November 18th is not so likely.  Damn there goes my chances of winning the pool we have going.......

We called for our rough electrical inspection on Monday morning and he couldn't come until FRIDAY :(  Yikes, more time wasted again.  So Ryan called the building inspector and asked if we could come do the building inspection on Friday as well.  He said he could do better and come that day!!!  Yiipppeeee but immediately we were both a little nervous.  So, did we pass????

Scroll down!!!!

Keep going......

Hellzzzzz to the yes we did (pending electrical approval)

Cuz this guy rules :-)

Now I am trying to shmooze the guy at Prime Comfort Insulation to bump us up on his schedule for next week!!!  Maybe we should start an email campaign ;)