Thursday, October 20, 2016

Got wood?

Ha!  Now that I've got your attention, let's talk some wood slices.  I was going to start off by saying that I love to use wood slices to decorate for the holidays but then I realized that I've been using them year round.  There is just something I love about mixing the natural elements of the wood with the rest of the shiny bling.  Let's call it woodsy chic ;)

Here are some pictures of how I use my wood slices around the house.

I've also used them for Jake's camouflage themed birthday party last year.

I've started to see them pop up all over the place lately at baby showers and weddings.  

You can find them at Walmart, Wayfair, and Etsy!

Here are just a couple of pictures of wood slices being used as center pieces at weddings!  Love the look.  

So, I'm sure you're thinking why all this talk about wood?  Because I'm going to start selling them! So if you or somebody you know is interested shoot me an email at  I will start posting pictures as I get some samples but wanted to put the bug in your ear with the holidays coming up!  

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

I Hate Grocery Shopping!!

Uggghhhhh I don't know about you but grocery shopping is one of my least favorite weekly tasks!  Mostly because I hate crowds, I'm always in a hurry and it seems that most people in the grocery store are taking their sweet old time.  I'm sure people think I'm some angry shopper and, well, they'd be right.  Let's be honest though, the number ONE reason I hate grocery shopping is the amount of money I spend each week.
Come on, look at how much I bought for one weekend worth of camping :O

However in the end, this is really the only monthly expense that I can completely control.  Well other than the lock that I have on the A/C and furnace ;)  #noheatuntilNovember

So, I'm on a mission to keep my grocery bill down.  We try to eat clean most of the time and the man doesn't make it cheap on families to do so.  Most nights we have some form of protein and a salad which as you know ain't always cheap.  My new goal is to come up with at least two cheap "cleanish" meals each week for the two weeknights that we eat whole grain carbs.   Here is what we had last night.

Skillet chicken spaghetti is one of our favorites and it is cheap and easy for a weeknight meal!!

Here is the recipe that you MUST try.

Yeah, yeah I know Velveeta doesn't fall in the clean category (thus the "cleanish" above) but we were dying to have this!!

Not only is it delish but most importantly it was cheap AND I doubled the recipe.  Here is the cost breakdown:

Rotisserie Chicken:  5.99
2 Cans Rotel:  1.00 (I had a coupon)
2 Cans FF Cream of Mushroom Soup:  2.00
1 Box Whole Wheat Spaghetti:  1.00
2 Pouches 4 Oz. Velveeta Cheese:  2.40
Total Cost:  $12.39 ($3.10 per person)

I'm telling you this makes a ton!!!  We had leftovers for lunch today and probably enough for another two servings of leftovers.  Get on it and let me know when YOU try it.  Soooooo good!

So, this week I spent just under $130.00 for groceries.  This includes all of our breakfast, lunches and pop and water that we take to work/school for the week.

How much do YOU spend a week at the grocery store?

Monday, October 3, 2016

How is it October already?

I can't believe it is OCTOBER already, can you?  I have all of my halloween decorations up and can't wait to share some pictures.  However, until I get the time to take some new pictures I thought I'd share what I picked up at Kroger the other day.

I know, I know it's only October but I couldn't refuse!!!  Seriously so many cute ideas in this magazine!

I am TOTES finding an old sled and making a wreath for like this for our front door.

In the meantime,  I've decided to paint our front door black before it gets cold!  I wanted to paint it red but my main squeeze and my son pretty much vetoed that idea.  So I decided to go with the shiny black look!

How was that for some random thoughts????  #sorrynotsorry

Come back for my Halloween tour :-)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Thrifty Finds: Vol.1

So, I'm going to try something new around here.  I used to love to hit the thrift shops but for whatever reason just stopped.  Maybe life got too busy or I just got too lazy.  Whatever the reason is Emma has gotten me back into the spirit if you will.  With that being said, I'm going to start sharing some of my finds here on the blog.  I don't always have tons of house things to talk about and thought this might be fun.  Maybe we can all start sharing our finds.

Here are a couple of my first finds from two weeks ago at the Goodwill in Ann Arbor:

Green Tea Puffer Vest with Faux Fur Hood:  $4.99

H & M Hot Pink Scarf:  $1.00

H & M White V-Neck Sweater - $2.99

I am a sucker for a good puffer vest and even tried to talk Emma into buying the other one that didn't have a hood but apparently they aren't "trendy" enough for her ;)  Oh well, I love these vests for cool Fall nights that don't quite require a winter coat yet.  Annnnddddd, in case you didn't know, I am totally obsessed with scarves so the more the merrier.  As a matter of fact, I'm on a mission now to find an orange scarf to wear instead of the pink one to football games.  #godawgs

So what do you think?  Are you a thrifter?  I understand it may freak some people out to buy used items especially from Goodwill or Salvation Army.  Not this girl!  I'm all about the bargains.  You'll have to come back because I've got many more finds to share.

Photo Cred:  Emma Jean

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

New Fabric and a Delivery

So do you all remember my dining room?  The walls are a cool icy blue called antique silver and my picture, curtains and lampshades are all black and white.  So overall the room was pretty neutral.

I must not have gotten a picture of the black and white chandelier picture on the wall but you can imagine ;)
Anywho, I decided this year that I wanted to add more color in the dining room for the spring and summer so I bought this new picture from Hobby Lobby for the wall in the dining room.

I loved the art and I loved the $35.00 price tag!!  #winning  So I scooped it up.

I felt like the light blue fabric I had recovered the dining room chairs with several years ago needed a little refresh for the spring and summer too......then I found THIS!!  This is part of Kelly Ripa's fabric line at Joann Fabric and I had been eyeing it up online for quite sometime.  I popped in there one day and I was sold.  Annnddddd I couldn't beat the price!!

You can see the current fabric in this picture above.  The nice thing about the different fabrics is that I can take the bright summery fabric off when winter rolls back around and go back to my neutrals for Christmas time :-)

I'll show you the chairs once I get a spare moment to get them done!

Now for my delivery.....I have a little surprise being delivered tomorrow from.......

OMG it is going to be like Christmas Day tomorrow.  It will probably be the longest work day in the history of ever.  Can't wait to show you!!!!