Wednesday, November 4, 2015

DIY Firefly Lights

Hello!  I know I promised this a while back and I'm finally delivering.  This is such a cheap and easy project and I can't wait to share!!  I have to admit that I've decided to skip from Halloween to Christmas this year.  #dontjudgeme It literally takes me three weeks to get everything out so I've decided that my goal is to have everything done by Thanksgiving weekend (yep even my trees).  I love the long 4 day weekend and am focusing on having everything done so I can relax that weekend and shop like a crazy lady on Black Friday.

So, back to business.  I use my firefly lights for both Halloween and Christmas.  Here they were on my Halloween mantle this year.

 My cute little spiders are from Pottery Barn several years ago!
So that is how I use them for Halloween.  Now for Christmas I put them on my side bar in the dining room and mix in my wood slices, candles and all of my mercury glass Christmas trees.  Here is a shot from last year :-)

So, let's get down to business.  The lights that I used last year were a white string of lights however this year, I'm doing a couple of the green strands for the tree in my dining room.  Here's what you'll need!

Yup, that's it....a pair of scissors, a string of lights, and a roll (or two) of tulle.  I get my tulle at the Dollar Tree! #bigshocker #pricecheck It really is a great deal for a buck.  I usually buy at least 5 at a time because I like to use them for many different things (garland on my tree, wrapping presents, hanging wreaths.  You get the idea).  However I digress.....

I cut them in a 6 inch section, however you'll notice the tulle is rather wide....

So then I flip it around the other way and cut it up the middle.

Then all you do is take one of the strips and tie it around the individual light and fluff accordingly.  Isn't it so cute?  Looks just like a little firefly, huh????

There ya have it.  Easy peasy!!  Grab a cocktail and turn on Empire tonight and get to town on your firefly lights.  I'd love for you to share pics with me if you take on this project!!

Thursday, October 22, 2015

Monroe Magazine

Hello my fabulous followers!!  How are you this fine Fall day?  Us Michiganders really couldn't ask for better Fall is GLORIOUS!!

So down to business.  I don't know if you all remember but we are going to be featured in Monroe Magazine's Holiday edition this year.  I have to admit that I am soooooo excited to see the final pictures.

We are supposed to meet with a reporter in the next few weeks who will take our family photos and update our story for the magazine.  Yiiippeeeee, I can't wait.  If you don't remember here were a few quick photos that the photographer shared after the photo shoot.

So stay tuned, I can't wait to share the finished story with you.

However, in the meantime, who wants to learn how to make firefly lights?  I was giving tutorials this weekend at the Home and Lifestyle Show for those of you that stopped by to say HI.
Tonight, I'm going to share with all of you on the interweb how to make this easy and adorable project.  It is great for Halloween AND Christmas.

See you soon......

Sunday, October 18, 2015

W4 Country is here too!

Just went over and snuck a picture of Brian Welch and Melissa from W4 Country.  Listening to some country tunes and getting ready to make some tissue paper poofs and some firefly lights.  Come on out if you're feeling crafty and want to pick up a few tips!

Tissue Paper Poofs

Firefly Lights

Michigan Chandelier is here!!

Come on out for Day TWO, we're open for business and ready for some action here at the EMU Convocation Center!

Michigan Chandelier is here right next to me and their lighting is FAB-U-LOUS!!!  It is possible that I picked up a brochure.....shhhhhhh don't tell Ryan.

Come on out and check 'em out for yourself :-)

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Live Blogging at the Home & Lifestyle Shows of Michigan!

I'm going to be updating you as the day goes on!  I'm getting ready to bust out a little tutorial on making tissue paper poofs, cuz DUH you know I love them!!  If it was socially acceptable I would decorate my entire house with them!!!

However back to business.  Come on out and take a look at the rooms that are part of the Designer's Challenge.  They ALL look great and it is going to be a tough decision!!

Which one is YOUR favorite?  One, two, three, or four?!?!?!

 More fun to come!!  Stay tuned......