Thursday, March 15, 2018

WW Weekly Dessert

In case you don't follow me on Instagram then you probably haven't noticed that I am back on Weight Watchers and quite frankly obsessed with it ;)  #shocker  Most that know me know that I'm easily obsessed with things like this.  Liikeeee activity points.  You can bank those babies during the week for fun things like cocktails and nachos (hello Te'kela) on the weekend.  So, I work out really hard to accumulate a rather sizable bank during the week.  Right now I shoot for 15,000 steps during the day.  This may not seem like a lot to most but when you have a desk job it can be tough.  For example, last night I only had 9,000 steps in by 9:00 so THIS is what I had to do...because DUH I had already logged 15,000 steps in my WW app for the day. 

So back to the point of this!  I'm going to start making a different WW dessert each week and sharing the outcome with you here.  Now I'm not going to get all creative and make them up but I'm going to try a new recipe each week from the interweb and share the scoop here.

First up!  THIS delicious AND pretty Red, White and Blueberry Trifle.  This dessert is sooooo good and rather easy.  It'll make you look like Martha Stewart and you won't feel too guilty partaking in a bit.

Here are some of the ingredients I used.  The recipe calls for either white chocolate or cheesecake instant pudding.  It was a no brainer for me.....I used the cheesecake.

Let's fast forward a bit.  I broke up 5 ounces of the angel food cake and lines the bottom of my trifle dish.  I then put a layer of blueberries on top.  I added quite a few more blueberries after I took this picture, FYI!  Don't be afraid of them!  You can also see I had all the strawberries sliced and ready to go as well.

After you whisk the sweetened condensed milk  you add the whole package of instant pudding.

Once you whisk it for two minutes it looks like this.  At this point you fold in your cool whip (I didn't get a pic cuz my bowl was too small and I was super sticky).  I used the lite cool whip although the recipe didn't call for the lite version.  The taste was still soooo good!

Once I folded in the cool whip I added it to a gallon ziploc and cut the tip off one of the corners to pipe it into the dish.  I put the first layer (half of the bag) on top of the blueberries above then added a layer of strawberries.  I topped the strawberries with the other 5 ounces of cubed angel food cake and then piped the remaining mix from the ziploc.  You then use the remaining berries on the top for a finished product like this!

Soooooo good.  Try it and let me know what YOU think!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Spring Front Porch

Now I wouldn't go using the word SPRING too loosely around these parts.  Mother Nature was kind enough to bring us more snow.  Not much, but SNOW nonetheless.  I am soooooo over this weather.  #puremichigan

Anywho, enough whining.  I decided this weekend that it was time to spruce up the front porch after Christmas. 

I needed a new front porch mat BAD and found this Home Sweet Home Mat at Target and couldn't beat the price.  I love it! 

Yes, yes I agree that my pines aren't very springy and scream a little Christmas but let's revisit the part about it snowing this morning!!  Soooooo, I'm sticking with my pines until I can break out my favorite ferns when spring REALLY arrives.

They might be pines but I feel like the burlap ribbons with the gold polka dots from Joann Fabric give them a spring feel!!!

Monday, March 5, 2018

Well, well, well.....

Looky who decided to come back to the land of the blogging.  ME!!!  Yep, I'm baaaaaccckkkkkk!!!!

So, where shall we begin?  I mean come on, it has been like eight months.  Plenty has happened but let's just pretend like no time has passed and we'll pick up right here in March.  One thing.......
It is hard for me to consistently blog when I primarily started this blog to talk about house stuff.  While I can talk about house stuff a lot, I can't talk about it ALL THE TIME.  I mean come on, I have plenty of projects to finish before our baby girl graduates this summer but there aren't always updates to share.  So, I'm going to change the format a little.  I'm going to just start blogging about all the things.  It might be something about my training for the Glass City Half Marathon, a new Weight Watchers or Skinnytaste recipe I've tried, something actually decorating/DIY related or something DUMB (which I'm pretty good at)!! 
I hope that didn't scare you all away and send you running in the opposite direction.  <insert crickets chirping>  So stick around and see if I might post something that interests you or, hell, makes you laugh.  I know we can ALL use a good laugh at the end of the day with the world we live in.....

Oddly enough I DO have a house update to share with you today.  As I noted above, our little ginger graduates from high school in June so we have a party on the horizon.  Nothing like a graduation party to light a fire under your tush.  Our guest bedroom/office has served as the land of misfit decor and any other CRAP that I don't have a home for.  This is what it looked like late Thursday night.  Yes, these pictures are pretty cherry I know.  It was dark and I was using my phone.  However, here they are, don't judge!

You'll notice that there still isn't trim around the window yet.  However, if you're playing Where's Waldo and look to the left of the above picture you'll see the piece of trim.  The $100 piece of trim that was the WRONG SIZE.  Sooooo, we're on a mission to find the right piece ;)

So here is a little sneak peak at what I'm thinking!!  I'm going for the woodsy chic look in this room.  Planning to incorporate the deer head in the picture above with golds and natural elements. 

I scored the Nicole Miller comforter set at Home Goods on clearance for $45 and the throw on clearance as well.  The oatmeal colored side rail is part of the tufted head board that is going in the bedroom (for color reference).  We got the bed put up this weekend and it looks AWESOME.  Can't wait to share some better progress pics with you!!!

P.S. I REALLY wanted this mirror from Home Goods, that was also on clearance, but just couldn't pull the trigger.  I'm on a mission to find one similar for well below $100. 

Friday, July 14, 2017


Whew this week just got a little crazy after we last chatted on Monday!!  My car started acting up on my way in to work on Monday and I had to ask one of my BFF's to follow me home (on the back roads of course) to make sure that I didn't have any issues.
When we came to the stop light I received a text:  "Nice Hooptie".  I knew immediately what she meant and started to laugh hysterically.  Some of you may be too young or just didn't grow up with us but when we say hooptie it's not the best thing to happen.....when you don't intend for your car to look like it has hydraulics ;)  Ok, ok so it wasn't THAT bad but you get the point.  It was clearly obvious to all those around me that I was having a "slight" issue!!!

So Tuesday I hopped in my Jeep to head to work and made it half way and my Jeep started pulling and my low tire light popped on!  Sure enough my tire was losing air and quickly.  Sooooooo I turned around and again took to the back roads to make it home.  Yep I had a nail in my tire.  Not my week!!!  Blah, so I worked from home.

I believe I was meant to be home that day because our little fur baby, Zoey, needed an unexpected trip to the vet to have her poor tail looked at.  Not great news but holding out hope :-)  The vet had to sedate her in order to get a good look at her tail.  Here is Jake comforting her while she was sedated. She was still awake but completely still.  I think he was worried she was scared....

Have you ever had to hold a 100 lb german shepherd as her drugs were kicking in?  Wow we got our workout in that day at the vet!!!!

Anywho, enough of my excuses for why I've been a slacker.  Here is what we got done last Sunday on our landscape project!!

So what do you think?  We're making some serious progress, huh???  We cannot wait to get them in but it looks like we're shooting for the first week in August....maybe the second.  There is still a ton of prep work that needs to be done to be completely side walk ready but we're getting there.  CAN.NOT.WAIT.

Monday, July 10, 2017

Sidewalk Prep!

Happy Monday everybody!  The real bummer about this week is the fact that we actually have to work FIVE whole days.  I'm thinking I could really get on board with a THREE day work week.  Hey, a girl can dream can't she?

Onto our landscaping update.  First thing that needs to happen are the sidewalks.  Now mind you on Friday night I told my husband yeah let's start getting a plan together for our sidewalks and shoot for pouring them in August.

Well, when I got back from Adventure Saturday with my brother, my kids, my nieces and nephew, Ryan had already laid out the sidewalk.  Here is what I came home to....

Here is the front porch where our new steps will go!  Just found out that many places don't even make rounded concrete steps because of strict new guidelines.  Soooooo, that made my decision easy. Square steps it is!!

Here is where the sidewalk will go across the front of the garage and lead to the front porch....and Zoey my little photo-bomber.  The space close to the house will be where we pant the arborvitae and my pots filled with flowers.

This is on the left side of the house (if you're facing the front).  There won't be a sidewalk here but we're digging it out so we can't plant here.  We'll outline it with cottage stone.....yet to be determined.

I am soooooo excited.  I really think it is going to make a huge difference.  As many of you know, or some of you have figured, my husband does NOT waste any time once he focuses on a project.  Come back tomorrow and I'll show you what we got done on Sunday.