Friday, March 22, 2013

It's Friday (bunco) B*tches!!!

Now you hear the word bunco and I am sure the first word that comes to your mind is LAME!!!  Well I thought that too when my friends decided to put together a bunco group.  I remember the bunco group my mom played with in my younger years and they pretty much baked cakes and sh*t and those were the things they won (my mind could be a little foggy so sorry mom if you were NOT that lame).

I am sure you envision this when you think of bunco:

But ohhhhhh my friend you are completely mistaken.  I would say this more appropriately describes us broads when we show up to our once a month Friday bunco......

Yeah that's a bit more like our bunco outings.  When we get out we are like caged animals on the loose!!

(Remember the raccoon fiasco in our old house???)

To be honest with you....the whole "rolling dice" things tends to get in the way of our drinking :-)

Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've got your permit right here......

Those of you that have built a new house are well aware of the whining that I am about to do (oh and why did you NOT tell me to take out a separate loan for mother effing permits???).  I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of hearing the phrase "you'll need a permit for that first."  Soooooo I've we have shelled out a sh*t ton of money in permits to even get to this phase in the project.  Let me tell you that I don't think it is stopping any time soon!

Hmmmm let's see where permit-a-palooza started.....

Driveway Permit:  $75.00

DTE New Pole:  $150.00

Site Assessment Fee:  $200

Sewage Assessment Permit:  $250

We are building within 500 feet of a county ditch permit  Soil Erosion Permit:  $150.00

Review fee for a soil erosion permit:  $25.00

Building Permit:  $939.00

Pole Barn Permit:  $180.00

Electrical Permit:  $280

Temporary Power Set-Up Permit Fee from DTE:  $250

Uhhmmm yeah I think that's "it" thus far!  Seriously there can't be many more right??

Oh and in case you didn't know.....this is what I have to say to Mother Nature!!!

Sorry, I just had to share it again ;)

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frost laws, shmost laws!

Seriously I am really over Michigan this year.  I really miss last spring...remember when it was 80 mother effing degrees this time last year?  Yeah I don't either.  Ok so I faintly remember.  I also remember us joking that since we *hoped* we'd be breaking ground this spring, that it wouldn't thaw til June.  Call me crazy but at the rate we're going, I am starting to get a little concerned!

Does anybody know anything about frost laws and when they will be lifted?  We can't get any equipment onto the property until the frost laws are lifted.  Sweet baby jesus I am BEYOND ready to dig a hole!!!  Look what we got today....

Yep we are official!!  As soon as these swanky frost laws are lifted we are in business!!
Oh annnndddddd if you weren't fortunate enough to receive my Happy St. Patrick's Day text, I am going to share the St. Patty's Day cheer with you!!

I'm the leprechaun!!  Bwahahahaaha courtesy of SciFy this weekend.......

It is getting worse!

Seriously, I think my lazy eye is getting worse in my old age!!  Look, C's eyes look just lovely.....

I think I might need a lesson on how to take self portraits!  Quick, could one of you twenty-somethings come teach me how to be part of a proper self portrait?


Speaking of Miller Lite cowboy hats.  Our loving husbands found those hats for us in Meijer, while we were busy doing this last weekend.

Yep, the Meijer in Mt. Pleasant had beer samples!  Hmmmmmm maybe we should have built our house up there!  After that taste test we walked around the corner, switched jackets and came back for round two........

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A house payment ain't always bad!

This time of the year I have usually had my taxes already submitted and just waiting patiently for the IRS to submit our refund electronically!  Oh who am I kidding?  I've normally had the moolah for a couple weeks now!
You know what we didn't have this whole last year?  A house payment!!  You know what that means? I have not filed our taxes nor am I getting a refund!  I am wondering if I can submit this as my tax refund document for the year.....

Yep a house payment ain't always a bad thing so consider yourselves lucky!!!

Monday, March 18, 2013

I won't smile OR look at the camera!

I believe I mentioned it once in my last blog but never said it again.  After speaking with GreenStone, March 18th was set to be our closing date. Quite frankly I was afraid to even talk about it out loud again for fear that I would jinx it.  Sooooo I went silent.  Ya'll got little blurbs of my frustration over the last 2 weeks on Facebook....last minute justifications for this, or memos from the Township for that.  Bottom line?  CLOSED TODAY!!!!!  I have been waiting to say those words for soooooooooo long and I am soooooooo relieved.

I had the day off and Ryan didn't have to go in until tonight. We got up bright and early and hit the road.  I of course grabbed my camera as we were leaving and Ryan gave me THE look.  He said uhhmmmm why are you taking that?  I said so I can take pictures of the closing for my blog....DUH.  He proceeded to tell me I was laaaammmmeeeee!!  Whatevs, I took my camera anyhow.

As we were sitting in the office waiting for the paperwork to be finalized I busted out my phone and scooted over by Ryan to take a self portrait.  He said, you can take a picture but I won't smile or look at the camera.  So, here we are....waiting!

(FYI:   I didn't intentionally do my Lucky the (cross-eyed) Cat impression here!!)

Yep we had to wait a bit for the paperwork to be finalized so I thought I would check out the reading material.  Now, what kind of material do you think you are going to find in the waiting area of GreenStone Farm Credit Services????  

SADDLE UP, of course!!!

After loitering for a bit, it was time to do the deed.  We went through the mountains of paperwork, handed over the biggest check we've ever had to part with, and signed over Emma!!  Ok, ok so we didn't really have to give up our first born but it was pretty effing close!!

There ya have it!  We are officially ready to dig a hole!!  Wooohhhoooooooo!!!!  The building inspector called today to say our building permit was ready.  Now if mother nature would just get her sh*t together!!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

It was worth our time!

There was this fancy Home Lifestyle Show at the Monroe County Fairgrounds this weekend.  We weren't sure what to expect so we weren't fully convinced we should take the time to go!  We woke up at the butt crack of dawn today and decided we would go before I had to work at the store at 11.  Well good thing I checked the interweb to see what time this thing started.  The shindig didn't even start til 11.  Good thing Ryan and I didn't slide 'er in sideways at the Fairgrounds at 8am....cuz ain't nobody got time for that ;)  Sooooo we postponed our departure til 2!

Once we got our fancy "free admission" passes from the Monroe Evening News we hit the road.  Of course Ryan didn't want to park his precious truck near anybody that was (as he said) parked liked a D-bag so we spent some time finding the perfect parking spot.   Once we got parked we headed in. Welllll guess how much admission was?  Uhhmmmmm FREE!!!  Real cool Monroe Evening News making it look like you're some big spender.  Ok, ok back to the topic.  We walked in without any real expectations and were pleasantly surprised.  We really got some GREAT information.  Info on a Generac generator that would run the whole house, some info on carpet and got entered into a drawing to win a $13,000 room makeover.  I am sure that entry into the drawing really translates into the fact that I am going to be spammed by SOMEBODY who will be receiving all of my info that I put on that entry form ;)  Eh, whatevs!  So long as I win I am cool with it.
Anywho, we were just about done when we realized we missed one small section of the show.  When we turned the corner I saw a Greenstone booth and thought hmmm I think that might be A, our loan officer.  So I ran back to Ryan and said hey I think A is over at the Greenstone booth.  Sure enough it was her!  We got to talk about all the ups and downs of the process and it was nice to meet her face to face.  You know what else we got out of our meeting??  A tentative closing date!!  Assuming all goes well, we will be closing on March 18th!!!  All I gotta say is look out once we sign on the dotted line.  It just might be time for a few celebratory cocktails!!

Sorry that my phone was dead and my camera was at there are no pictures to share!  Maybe I should say you're welcome......