Thursday, March 21, 2013

I've got your permit right here......

Those of you that have built a new house are well aware of the whining that I am about to do (oh and why did you NOT tell me to take out a separate loan for mother effing permits???).  I cannot tell you how sick and tired I am of hearing the phrase "you'll need a permit for that first."  Soooooo I've we have shelled out a sh*t ton of money in permits to even get to this phase in the project.  Let me tell you that I don't think it is stopping any time soon!

Hmmmm let's see where permit-a-palooza started.....

Driveway Permit:  $75.00

DTE New Pole:  $150.00

Site Assessment Fee:  $200

Sewage Assessment Permit:  $250

We are building within 500 feet of a county ditch permit  Soil Erosion Permit:  $150.00

Review fee for a soil erosion permit:  $25.00

Building Permit:  $939.00

Pole Barn Permit:  $180.00

Electrical Permit:  $280

Temporary Power Set-Up Permit Fee from DTE:  $250

Uhhmmm yeah I think that's "it" thus far!  Seriously there can't be many more right??

Oh and in case you didn't know.....this is what I have to say to Mother Nature!!!

Sorry, I just had to share it again ;)

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