Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Frost laws, shmost laws!

Seriously I am really over Michigan this year.  I really miss last spring...remember when it was 80 mother effing degrees this time last year?  Yeah I don't either.  Ok so I faintly remember.  I also remember us joking that since we *hoped* we'd be breaking ground this spring, that it wouldn't thaw til June.  Call me crazy but at the rate we're going, I am starting to get a little concerned!

Does anybody know anything about frost laws and when they will be lifted?  We can't get any equipment onto the property until the frost laws are lifted.  Sweet baby jesus I am BEYOND ready to dig a hole!!!  Look what we got today....

Yep we are official!!  As soon as these swanky frost laws are lifted we are in business!!
Oh annnndddddd if you weren't fortunate enough to receive my Happy St. Patrick's Day text, I am going to share the St. Patty's Day cheer with you!!

I'm the leprechaun!!  Bwahahahaaha courtesy of SciFy this weekend.......

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