Monday, March 18, 2013

I won't smile OR look at the camera!

I believe I mentioned it once in my last blog but never said it again.  After speaking with GreenStone, March 18th was set to be our closing date. Quite frankly I was afraid to even talk about it out loud again for fear that I would jinx it.  Sooooo I went silent.  Ya'll got little blurbs of my frustration over the last 2 weeks on Facebook....last minute justifications for this, or memos from the Township for that.  Bottom line?  CLOSED TODAY!!!!!  I have been waiting to say those words for soooooooooo long and I am soooooooo relieved.

I had the day off and Ryan didn't have to go in until tonight. We got up bright and early and hit the road.  I of course grabbed my camera as we were leaving and Ryan gave me THE look.  He said uhhmmmm why are you taking that?  I said so I can take pictures of the closing for my blog....DUH.  He proceeded to tell me I was laaaammmmeeeee!!  Whatevs, I took my camera anyhow.

As we were sitting in the office waiting for the paperwork to be finalized I busted out my phone and scooted over by Ryan to take a self portrait.  He said, you can take a picture but I won't smile or look at the camera.  So, here we are....waiting!

(FYI:   I didn't intentionally do my Lucky the (cross-eyed) Cat impression here!!)

Yep we had to wait a bit for the paperwork to be finalized so I thought I would check out the reading material.  Now, what kind of material do you think you are going to find in the waiting area of GreenStone Farm Credit Services????  

SADDLE UP, of course!!!

After loitering for a bit, it was time to do the deed.  We went through the mountains of paperwork, handed over the biggest check we've ever had to part with, and signed over Emma!!  Ok, ok so we didn't really have to give up our first born but it was pretty effing close!!

There ya have it!  We are officially ready to dig a hole!!  Wooohhhoooooooo!!!!  The building inspector called today to say our building permit was ready.  Now if mother nature would just get her sh*t together!!

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