Sunday, March 3, 2013

It was worth our time!

There was this fancy Home Lifestyle Show at the Monroe County Fairgrounds this weekend.  We weren't sure what to expect so we weren't fully convinced we should take the time to go!  We woke up at the butt crack of dawn today and decided we would go before I had to work at the store at 11.  Well good thing I checked the interweb to see what time this thing started.  The shindig didn't even start til 11.  Good thing Ryan and I didn't slide 'er in sideways at the Fairgrounds at 8am....cuz ain't nobody got time for that ;)  Sooooo we postponed our departure til 2!

Once we got our fancy "free admission" passes from the Monroe Evening News we hit the road.  Of course Ryan didn't want to park his precious truck near anybody that was (as he said) parked liked a D-bag so we spent some time finding the perfect parking spot.   Once we got parked we headed in. Welllll guess how much admission was?  Uhhmmmmm FREE!!!  Real cool Monroe Evening News making it look like you're some big spender.  Ok, ok back to the topic.  We walked in without any real expectations and were pleasantly surprised.  We really got some GREAT information.  Info on a Generac generator that would run the whole house, some info on carpet and got entered into a drawing to win a $13,000 room makeover.  I am sure that entry into the drawing really translates into the fact that I am going to be spammed by SOMEBODY who will be receiving all of my info that I put on that entry form ;)  Eh, whatevs!  So long as I win I am cool with it.
Anywho, we were just about done when we realized we missed one small section of the show.  When we turned the corner I saw a Greenstone booth and thought hmmm I think that might be A, our loan officer.  So I ran back to Ryan and said hey I think A is over at the Greenstone booth.  Sure enough it was her!  We got to talk about all the ups and downs of the process and it was nice to meet her face to face.  You know what else we got out of our meeting??  A tentative closing date!!  Assuming all goes well, we will be closing on March 18th!!!  All I gotta say is look out once we sign on the dotted line.  It just might be time for a few celebratory cocktails!!

Sorry that my phone was dead and my camera was at there are no pictures to share!  Maybe I should say you're welcome......

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