Wednesday, March 20, 2013

It is getting worse!

Seriously, I think my lazy eye is getting worse in my old age!!  Look, C's eyes look just lovely.....

I think I might need a lesson on how to take self portraits!  Quick, could one of you twenty-somethings come teach me how to be part of a proper self portrait?


Speaking of Miller Lite cowboy hats.  Our loving husbands found those hats for us in Meijer, while we were busy doing this last weekend.

Yep, the Meijer in Mt. Pleasant had beer samples!  Hmmmmmm maybe we should have built our house up there!  After that taste test we walked around the corner, switched jackets and came back for round two........


  1. ha ha switched jackets! Can't wait to see you bitches on Friday.

  2. Hahahaa ok, so we THOUGHT about switching jackets...however if I tried on her coat it would have been like "fat guy in a little coat". I think we should do a piggy back bunco blog....whaddya think? We could be dangerous with our cameras Friday!!

  3. Its the angle of the camera you DORK!!! :P I want to go back and sample some more summer shandy! "oh this is great, I've never had it before..." said every liar that went through the line that day!

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    2. Bwhwhahahhaa oh I've never had summer shandy...said no one ever!!!