Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Really, 132 bucks???

So I mentioned last night that I got my wallpaper sample in the mail.  Let me just say that I am VERY thankful that I did NOT pay $132 for a roll of this wallpaper.  I really like the idea of this wall paper but it was just kind of REALLY tacky.  Holy wow, I just did not like it.  I know I will find what I really want but as I said...thank GAWD for samples :)  Ok here it is....

Really it doesn't even look that bad in this picture but BELIEVE ME it is bad!!!  Ugghhh and let me just tell you that I really wished I had smell-o-vision.  Cuz DUDE it smells like moth balls.  Hehehe and if I wasn't blogging publicly I would definitely insert a joke there...but I MUST refrain :P  Those of you that know me 'insert joke here'.  Hahahhaha I am crying I am laughing so hard right now ;)  Ok so that, my friends, is it for the night!!  I will check in tomorrow and let you know what is going on!

Monday, August 29, 2011

I have a REALLY good feeling!

Don't ask me why but I really think we are going to sell VERY soon.  I just have a weird feeling....not a weird feeling like this kid did.....

(photo courtesy of anthillonline.com)
I just had a very strong feeling that we will be moving very soon.  I was putting Z-dog out in her kennel the other morning and the kids tire swing caught my eye.  They had built a ramp up to the tire swing and I just started to get sentimental for some reason.  Like I said, I just really felt like we would be moving soon.  As much as I want to sell ASAP I have to admit that I am gonna cry like a baby!!

(photo courtesy of babyfirstyear.org)

After all, we brought both of the kids home here from the hospital!!  It will be worth it but again I am sure I will be bawling my eyes out!!

Let me just say that I am not the only one seeing dead people feeling like we are going to sell soon.  Guess who else is feeling that way??

Yep, my mom and dad!!  They are feeling so optimistic that they are getting our swanky new penthouse suite ready for when we move in.  They have already done some work so I thought I would share a little sneak peak.  Hope you can handle it....
(photo courtesy of Red Rock Casino Reosrt)

Now they still have some work to do but it is a start ;)  Hahahhahahaa!!

Soooooo keep your fingers crossed cuz I am feeling lucky!  I will keep you all in the loop!!

Oh annnnndddddd I got my wallpaper sample but that is a topic for another day!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Next idea....

I just talked with our realtor today and we are going to try doing some advertising in different areas.  Instead of trying to get people to come from the south to the north....we are going to try to get the northerners to come south!!  Soooooo, going to try advertising more in the Ann Arbor and Dundee area.  Hey I say it is worth the try :)  Why not???  I am down with mixing it up a bit!!

Now this is just my thought buuuutttttt I think we should put this picture in the paper ;)


Hahhaha now THAT would be the mother of all bait and switches!!  Ok, ok I am just kidding.  Gonna stick with our REAL picture for the ad.

On another note.  Did anybody notice the new feature I added to the blog tonight???  First one that answers correctly gets a .......


I know, I know...this picture caused plenty of nightmares for a lifetime the first time I used it but I just couldn't refuse.  Again, first one that answers wins!!!!!

I gotta admit that I am BUSHED tonight so I am going to keep it brief.  Had a crazy day at the office and am ready to call it a night!!  Soooo until tomorrow!!!  Tonight I will be dreaming of this....

our dream house.......

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Our mystery showing....

Well they came a little later than we had planned but THEY SHOWED!!  Whew, all that work I did last night and this evening paid off :)  Well hopefully it did.  I think they liked it so everybody cross your fingers!!!  We will have to wait and see.

Now you know that I love to hit Costco for my flowers for a showing but I got some inside scoop on some local wild flowers from my assistant blogger from last night....

Thought I would remind you, in case you forgot that CONNI was my assistant blogger last night.  Anywho, she told me that there was a screamin' deal on some local wild flowers.  Here they are....

Holy cow aren't they glorious???  The best part??  They only cost me $4.99.  The other best part?  They were only about 3 miles down the road from us :)  It was just a local family that was selling them so it always makes me happy to help out a local business. 

So as I said I think they liked the house....as a matter of fact I think they said it was beautiful.  So, once again, *fingers crossed*. 
You know I refuse to get my hopes up anymore so as usual I will NOT get my hopes up but continue my shameless plugs to get this baby sold!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mystery showing and Conni's visit!

Sooooooo, it is quite possible that we had an impromptu showing tonight.  HOWEVER, I cannot reveal the identity of them.  They were actually looking at our house for somebody else.  Oh and it is NOT any of Kwame's peeps looking for new digs since he was sprung from the joint!  Bwwhahahahahhaha!!
It is also quite possible that they are coming back again tomorrow night.

(photo courtesy of bahamaspress.com)
The identity of the pre-screeners for a potential buyer have been concealed to protect their innocence.  Wow I am full of it tonight.  It is possible that I am full of it cuz I had a special visitor and an assistant blogger tonight.  Wanna see her????  Wait for it......

 Awwwww doesn't she look oh so happy to be helping me out tonight??  Just let me tell you I had to do ALOT of editing before I typed what we were thinking :P

Anywho, like I said...showing the house tomorrow on the DL.  

Oh and remember that pricey wall paper I showed you last night??  Well I ordered a sample to see if it is really worth the money.  Since I know you are DYING to know I will let you know once I get it.

Finally, I had to take a picture of one of my magazines to show you my thoughts on my future dining room.  Can you tell I am feeling optimistic again??

Oh and Conni said we better have our new house built next year so we can do lots of Christmas baking in our new kitchen.  Hey no pressure or anything!!  Sooooooo that means somebody has to buy the house STAT!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

I NEED this wallpaper!

Yeah, yeah so NEED is a bit of an overstatement!!  However I really WANT this wallpaper for my future dining room.  I know my mommy is reading this and she is shaking her head.  She is saying "Mindy, you will be kicking yourself when you are tired of this wallpaper and you have to scrape it all off!"  So here it is....


 It is white and silver and I love, love, LOVE it!!!  I would only put it on one accent wall then paint the others.  Sweet jesus, did I mention that I love this?
Ok, there is one catch.  Guess how much ONE roll of this is????  Wait for it and scroll down!!!

132 BUCKS!!!

Yeah something tells me I need to find myself a part time job so I can get that wallpaper and the d*mn pendant lights I want from overstock.com.  Ahhhhhhh a girl can dream!!  Mark my words...they will be mine!!!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Dear Overstock.com!!

Hey Overstock.com do you remember a couple months ago when I said that I really wanted two of these for my future master bedroom???

Well you may not, but I did!!!  Thankfully you still have them for sale on line but the price has NOT dropped...not even one little bit.  Are you sure you don't feel the need to send me two to try them out and write up a review??  I mean, I'm just sayin' is all!!  If the only hold up is getting my address....just let me know and I can hook you up :D

Anywho, going to dig a up 3 hastas we have here and go plant them on the property so they can grow until we need them for the new house.  Then I am going to finish up my landscaping and I should be golden.  HOWEVER, let me just tell you that the mulch I was using smelled like manure and my hands smelled like the Monroe County Fair no matter how many times I washed them yesterday.  Say it with me....SICK!!!

Friday, August 19, 2011

The afters:

Whew, I don't know where I found all my energy today but I got a whole lotta yard work done!!  I had totally planned to come home from the lake and hold the couch down.  Somehow that Diet Rockstar kicked in and look out!!
Just let me say as a side note, when you are a total slacker on your yard and wait 'til August to purchase your flowers you get some screaming deals!!!  My only concern is still finding mulch.  Not sure if I am still going to be able to find some.  My real hope is that when I do find it, it is half off ;)  Man I sure am cheap.  Oh well!  Soooooo drumroll please.........

I filled the flower box and planted some mums.  Now mind you, I still need to put mulch down and I believe that will make a difference.  Do you think I should put 3 more mums in or do you think that is enough???

Here is a little close up!!

Annnnddddd the other flower box!!

Say what???  There is actually a window there???  Thank gawd for some pruning shears!!  Would somebody remind me to not pick stupid bushes when I start landscaping our new house??  Seriously the bushes that we planted are impossible to make look good.  They are a hot mess!!  Whatevs, I did the best I could!!  Once I HOPEFULLY score some mulch it will look glorious!!!!  If you've seen some mulch locally let me know!

I had a dream!!

Ok, ok so it wasn't as prolific as MLK's dream but it was a pretty good dream in my little real estate world!!  I had a dream that we sold the house!  Not only did I dream it but I remembered that we sold it for exactly $153,357...now that is a pretty specific dream, huh???
Ugghhhh and in that same dream we were building our house and it was glorious!!  So, it made me feel the urge to get motivated.  I have decided to take on an entire day of DIY landscaping. 

Here are the before pictures:

Wow things sure are looking a little overgrown, aren't they??  Whew I need to get out there and do some prunin'!!  Whew so much for recovering from a week of fun in the sun at the lake.  Looks like I gots some landscaping to do!!!

Here are my sad little flower boxes.  They were so festive last year and this is what they look like now.  I was pretty lazy this year with the flowers since I have kind of mentally moved onto my next house ;)  Sooooo before my next open house I am going to make it shine!!

Stay tuned for the after pictures tonight!!! 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Shut the Front Door!!!

So just when things seemed to be at a complete stand still we just got the call for another showing.  Wooohhhoooo, we are showing the house again this Saturday!  Man I hope these people don't feel that our house "doesn't stand out against others in the same price range" ;)  Hahahhaha I am just kidding.  I'm not bitter.  I mean come on....back in March we had an offer just slightly over asking price.  Oh and that was before we dropped it $5,000.
Of course we have the LaRocca Family Scholarship golf outing on Saturday and we leave for the Lake for the week on Sunday so it is going to be a bit crazy.  Buuuuutttt we will git 'er done!!

So I am going to throw everything I have at this weekend's showing.  Wait for it.....



(ok, ok so this one is a little creepy)

Any other lucky charms you can think of???  If so, share the love my friends!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Now THAT was harsh!!

We just got some feedback from the guy that came to see the house last week.  His realtor said to our realtor, and I quote, "the buyer has no interest, they didn't care for the floorplan.  It just didn't stand up against other homes I showed in the price range."  Well alrighty then....I sure wished they would have told us what they really thought ;)
Sooooooooo in the words of one of my favorite Saturday Night Live characters:


(photo courtesy of iwatchstuff.com)

Whew, I feel MUCH better.  Eh, whatevs!  Obviously this guy was not manly enough to be sold on the barn!!  I didn't want him to buy it anyway ;)  Just kidding!!  Onto the next potential buyer.....

Monday, August 8, 2011

Dream House Deals and Extreme Couponing

I just realized that it has been a while since I did a dream house deals post!!  So here it is my friends.  This is for Jake's bedroom.  He wants to go with a sport theme and I really like this.  It isn't team specific and just kind of netural.  I love it because it looks kind of aged.

I picked this up at Hobby Lobby....for $21.99 and I do believe that it was 50% off that!  Soooo I got a pretty good deal on it.  I want to get the baseball and soccer picture to go along with the set.  I need to get on that STAT!!  I think I got this probably 5 or so months ago...hopefully they still have the rest to go along with it.
Onto my couponing.  As you have all heard I have gotten into my extreme couponing and thought I would share a quick picture.  I started about 6 weeks ago and this is why my stash looks like thus far!!

 Hahahhaa before you know it I am going to take over all the shelves.  I am slowly taking it over!

Onto my super cute little DIY'ers.  Look at these 2, they are sooooooo ready to start building our house.

I have to admit that I am just as ready as they are.  So gotta keep on truckin' and get this thing sold!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you remember when...

this guy was in our attic and TORMENTING me every night???

Yep I remember it rather vividly.  I remember those sleepless nights when I worried about the raccoon falling through the ceiling on my face.  Hhehehehe it seems like just yesterday.
Wellllllll one of my bff's (ahem Shawna) was kind enough to send me the link to a TV commercial that she said made her laugh so hard she was crying thinking about the raccoon that once wreaked havoc on my nights!!  I have to admit I watched it 3 times while laughing hysterically before calling her to laugh together.  Bwwhahahhahaaa!!!
Well I can't leave you all hanging now can I?  You wanna see it???  Well, here it is:

Wow, it really doesn't get much funnier than that!!  Hhehehehehhee!  My friends are ALWAYS looking out for me and a good laugh.

On the home front our realtor is still waiting to get some feedback on the showing on Tuesday.  In the meantime they let me know that they will be running an ad in one of the Bedford papers this week.  So, fingers crossed that it will drum up some attention :)

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Now we wait....

Yep we showed the house this morning at 10:00.  It has been over 4 months since we had a showing so I am feeling a bit optimistic again.  Eh, we'll see!!  Now we just have to wait to get some feedback from the realtor to see what the buyer thought!!  Hmmmm I hope that they get back to us with a purchase agreement but that my friends is wishful thinking.  Hey, ya never know and well we will never know til I hear back!! 


Hopefully I hear something today but I probably won't until tomorrow!!  Once I do, I will give you the latest and the greatest....heavy on the (hopefully) greatest!!