Friday, August 19, 2011

I had a dream!!

Ok, ok so it wasn't as prolific as MLK's dream but it was a pretty good dream in my little real estate world!!  I had a dream that we sold the house!  Not only did I dream it but I remembered that we sold it for exactly $153, that is a pretty specific dream, huh???
Ugghhhh and in that same dream we were building our house and it was glorious!!  So, it made me feel the urge to get motivated.  I have decided to take on an entire day of DIY landscaping. 

Here are the before pictures:

Wow things sure are looking a little overgrown, aren't they??  Whew I need to get out there and do some prunin'!!  Whew so much for recovering from a week of fun in the sun at the lake.  Looks like I gots some landscaping to do!!!

Here are my sad little flower boxes.  They were so festive last year and this is what they look like now.  I was pretty lazy this year with the flowers since I have kind of mentally moved onto my next house ;)  Sooooo before my next open house I am going to make it shine!!

Stay tuned for the after pictures tonight!!! 

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