Monday, August 8, 2011

Dream House Deals and Extreme Couponing

I just realized that it has been a while since I did a dream house deals post!!  So here it is my friends.  This is for Jake's bedroom.  He wants to go with a sport theme and I really like this.  It isn't team specific and just kind of netural.  I love it because it looks kind of aged.

I picked this up at Hobby Lobby....for $21.99 and I do believe that it was 50% off that!  Soooo I got a pretty good deal on it.  I want to get the baseball and soccer picture to go along with the set.  I need to get on that STAT!!  I think I got this probably 5 or so months ago...hopefully they still have the rest to go along with it.
Onto my couponing.  As you have all heard I have gotten into my extreme couponing and thought I would share a quick picture.  I started about 6 weeks ago and this is why my stash looks like thus far!!

 Hahahhaa before you know it I am going to take over all the shelves.  I am slowly taking it over!

Onto my super cute little DIY'ers.  Look at these 2, they are sooooooo ready to start building our house.

I have to admit that I am just as ready as they are.  So gotta keep on truckin' and get this thing sold!

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