Friday, August 19, 2011

The afters:

Whew, I don't know where I found all my energy today but I got a whole lotta yard work done!!  I had totally planned to come home from the lake and hold the couch down.  Somehow that Diet Rockstar kicked in and look out!!
Just let me say as a side note, when you are a total slacker on your yard and wait 'til August to purchase your flowers you get some screaming deals!!!  My only concern is still finding mulch.  Not sure if I am still going to be able to find some.  My real hope is that when I do find it, it is half off ;)  Man I sure am cheap.  Oh well!  Soooooo drumroll please.........

I filled the flower box and planted some mums.  Now mind you, I still need to put mulch down and I believe that will make a difference.  Do you think I should put 3 more mums in or do you think that is enough???

Here is a little close up!!

Annnnddddd the other flower box!!

Say what???  There is actually a window there???  Thank gawd for some pruning shears!!  Would somebody remind me to not pick stupid bushes when I start landscaping our new house??  Seriously the bushes that we planted are impossible to make look good.  They are a hot mess!!  Whatevs, I did the best I could!!  Once I HOPEFULLY score some mulch it will look glorious!!!!  If you've seen some mulch locally let me know!


  1. 2 posts in 1 day you sure have made my Friday night! Looks good and I agree with the fall planting, much better deals! I will keep my eyes open for mulch deals!
    Your loyal reader-KATIE

  2. My husband and I are just winding up on finishing a DIY home build of our own . It was just what I expected ... a freaking nightmare , but rewarding . I have a lot of tips and tricks that I am going to start to share , by way of a Blog . The first 3 or 4 posts are going to be about how we came about having to build ,and then I am going to dive into the how we did it . I to am a very cheap person , I have champagne tastes and a beer budget . By building ourselves , we saved a boat load of money , we were able to build a $250,000- $ 300,000 house for around $150,000 . I have posted my first entry , not any useful info there yet just backround info , so far but more to come soon. I enjoy reading your posts , good luck on your dream . I am including the address to my blog , if you get a chance please visit it and any feedback would be greatly appreciated . New loyal reader Kattie

  3. Woohooo Katie, glad to make your night :) I was slacking while away at the lake so I figured I had some catching up to do!! Oh and I drove by the hardware and they still had piles of it!! Hopefully on sale....

  4. Well hello Kattie I am excited to have a new loyal reader. I hope you keep reading so you can share some tips when I am about to lose my mind :) I just went and checked out your blog and am an official follower.
    I am with you for sure....I have total champagne taste and a beer budget :) **fingers crossed** that the beer budget works out!!