Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mystery showing and Conni's visit!

Sooooooo, it is quite possible that we had an impromptu showing tonight.  HOWEVER, I cannot reveal the identity of them.  They were actually looking at our house for somebody else.  Oh and it is NOT any of Kwame's peeps looking for new digs since he was sprung from the joint!  Bwwhahahahahhaha!!
It is also quite possible that they are coming back again tomorrow night.

(photo courtesy of bahamaspress.com)
The identity of the pre-screeners for a potential buyer have been concealed to protect their innocence.  Wow I am full of it tonight.  It is possible that I am full of it cuz I had a special visitor and an assistant blogger tonight.  Wanna see her????  Wait for it......

 Awwwww doesn't she look oh so happy to be helping me out tonight??  Just let me tell you I had to do ALOT of editing before I typed what we were thinking :P

Anywho, like I said...showing the house tomorrow on the DL.  

Oh and remember that pricey wall paper I showed you last night??  Well I ordered a sample to see if it is really worth the money.  Since I know you are DYING to know I will let you know once I get it.

Finally, I had to take a picture of one of my magazines to show you my thoughts on my future dining room.  Can you tell I am feeling optimistic again??

Oh and Conni said we better have our new house built next year so we can do lots of Christmas baking in our new kitchen.  Hey no pressure or anything!!  Sooooooo that means somebody has to buy the house STAT!!


  1. That's what she said ?! I know who the mystery person is.

  2. Love that dining room in the pic.

  3. I KNOW!!! Isn't that dining room awesome??? Ryan of course said are we gonna have stupid chairs like THAT?? hahahhahaha!!