Thursday, August 4, 2011

Do you remember when...

this guy was in our attic and TORMENTING me every night???

Yep I remember it rather vividly.  I remember those sleepless nights when I worried about the raccoon falling through the ceiling on my face.  Hhehehehe it seems like just yesterday.
Wellllllll one of my bff's (ahem Shawna) was kind enough to send me the link to a TV commercial that she said made her laugh so hard she was crying thinking about the raccoon that once wreaked havoc on my nights!!  I have to admit I watched it 3 times while laughing hysterically before calling her to laugh together.  Bwwhahahhahaaa!!!
Well I can't leave you all hanging now can I?  You wanna see it???  Well, here it is:

Wow, it really doesn't get much funnier than that!!  Hhehehehehhee!  My friends are ALWAYS looking out for me and a good laugh.

On the home front our realtor is still waiting to get some feedback on the showing on Tuesday.  In the meantime they let me know that they will be running an ad in one of the Bedford papers this week.  So, fingers crossed that it will drum up some attention :)

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